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Clare London, Author

Writing...Man to Man ** www.clarelondon.com

Clare London
28 January
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Hi, it's Clare London here, published author, overworked accountant, stressed mother and wife, and generally bemused-by-Life Diva.

I am a writer of gay romance, usually contemporary, often erotic. PLEASE be warned of the ADULT content of a lot of my fiction, and if you're underage for the place you live, or likely to be offended or distressed by this genre, go elsewhere with my blessing!

My current publications are listed below, but the most up-to-date details can always be found on my website www.clarelondon.com, including additional FREE fiction.

Please let me know if you read anything and enjoy it / have constructive feedback / just want to say 'hi'! :)
Contact me on:
clarelondon11@hotmail.com ~ clarelondon11@yahoo.co.uk ~
Facebook: www.facebook.com/clarelondon
Twitter: clare_london
Goodreads: www.goodreads.com/clarelondon
Amazon Author Page: www.amazon.com/author/clarelondon

Request my virtual autograph at Authorgraph.com!

NOTE: I'm very happy to welcome new friends here on LJ, though it's always good to hear from you first with just a 'hello' or a comment - I don't always remember to check my Friends List. I also lock some more personal posts to FRIENDS ONLY so if you wanted to catch me on everything, you'll need to be friended.

Here's a list of my current publications. ALL LINKS to extra information and places to buy are on the BOOKS pages of my website, at www.clarelondon.com/novels-2/.

At Dreamspinner Press
Flying Colors, Compulsion, 72 Hours, Branded, Sparks Fly, True Colors (romantic suspense novels)
Footprints, Touch, Just-You Eyes (novellas)
Timeslip, Where's Santa?, Right Choice, Then and Now, One Night Stand, Charlie Chuckles, Pop-Ups (shorts)
The Better Part in the Wishing on a Blue Star anthology.

At Amber Quill Press: Amber Allure
Heart and Home (paperback collection of the following 4 shorts)
A Good Neighbor, Muse, Upwardly Mobile, Home Sweet Home (also available individually)
No Angel, Chase the Ace, Peepshow (novellas)
A Good Neighbor, Muse, Upwardly Mobile, Home Sweet Home, Between a Rock and a Hard Place, How the Other Half Lives (shorts)

At Jocular Press (self-published)
A Twist and Two Balls, Slap and Tickle, Pluck and Play, Dear Alex (novellas)
Out of Time, Limbo (shorts)
Dish of the Day in Brit Boys: on Boys (boxset)

At Carina Press
Blinded By Our Eyes, a murder mystery e-novel.
The Tourist, a paranormal erotic thriller.

At JCP Books
London Eye
Media Naranja, written with Jordan Castillo Price.
Both of these are romance novellas with a paranormal twist, part of the Petit Morts series.

At JMS Books
Nowhere to Hide, a winter romance.
Threadbare, a paranormal bittersweet historical.
Precious Possession, a paranormal vampire short story.
The Mask (humour), Perfection (horror) - (halloween shorts)
Making Camp, Just Like in the Movies - (free reads)

At Wilde City Press
Freeman, a thriller novel set in London.

At MLR Press
Outed (in I Do! anthology)
Secret Santa (short)

At Pink Squirrel Press
Lucky Dip, in Winter Warmers anthology
Salt 'n Vinegar, in Summer Loving anthology