Clare London (clarelondon) wrote,
Clare London

JAN 28: another wrinkle in time...

It's just a small post today, as it's The Day when yet another year rolls around, and I spend my time saying 'Twelve months gone? When? Where?' and suchlike.

And the Sons greeted me this morning with cards:

Mum had just read so much about the terrible effects of both chocolate and alcohol that she immediately decided to give up reading.

Anna's dreams of romance were shattered when her husband joined her for a sh*t and a shave.

So - does that sum up the tone of my day or WHAT?! LMAO

In other news:

Received an email from Paypal informing me someone had hacked into my account and had withdrawn half of my hard-won $ royalties. God, any other time than the quarter-ends, there's nothing in that account!

Still, seems they're looking into it, and once I confirm I'm ME and this withdrawal wasn't authorised, they'll reimburse me. But until then the account is suspended, so no pencilboard buying for me for the moment.

But there's far more GOOD in the day LOL!!

I negotiated a small tax refund from the tax year just gone - and also received a lovely Amazon voucher from work. I've been out to lunch with a work friend, and had a drink after work with another couple of friends last night.
And the Sons are apparently taking me to Slumdog Millionaire tonight! (daresay I'll be buying the popcorn and ice creams... LOL)

EDIT: Disaster!!!
I mean, it's meant to be the ultimate award-winning feel-good movie, uplifting and inspirational, right? But only for people over 15?????????
OK, so I was naive, it really didn't occur to me to check the Cert first. So we couldn't get Son#2 in, and although he offered to come home again and leave me and Son#1 to see it (#2's not entirely bothered to see it!), I left in a huff, never to darken their doors again etc etc.
Dear God. Then they moan that teenagers have nowhere to go. The only other things we could all have seen were Valkyrie (so I can sit through a movie about the Nazis with!) and Devereaux. And Twilight, but I'm saving that for a girly evening sometime.
*Sons roll their eyes with relief*
We had a Chinese buffet meal instead and I'm home by 8.30. The life of Riley, indeed.

I've had some lovely Birthday wishes from online friends, AND some fabulous fiction written for me, it always overwhelms me with excitement and delight!

From daimeryan_rei, a gorgeously poignant and hopeful GW 1x2 fic:
In These Arms.
Even in the darkest times in the bleakest future, there are still special days to celebrate.
Thank you so much, dear friend, it's lovely and I treasure both it and your friendship. ♥

And from lilzazu, a deliciously naughty NC17 1x2x1 GW fic:
Kinky Surprise.
She's still protesting that I am NOT the innocent party in this smut-writing business...*hehe*.
I still don't think I'm the one doing the corrupting! If it weren't for your fic, this one never have been least not by me. XD
But goodness, I'm glad it was! Thanks so much Zazu, you brightened up my day so much - like you usually do! ♥
EDIT: From tomorrow (29th) I'll be hosting this fic on my FancyFigures site HERE and so it can be read openly.

I've posted a short original story of my own:
Second Chances

It's been posted in its early stages before but I finished it recently and would like to share it with you.

Note: My website is struggling a bit at the moment - the person who was going to work on it for me hasn't been available, I don't know why. But anyway, I'm slowly sprucing it up myself. I'm happy with my host, really, just not particularly with my design skills *lol*.

God, though I say so myself, I was damned cute ♥.
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