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Clare London

JAN 27: Blog Hijack...

Call me Muse. "MISTER" Muse.
Damn, sorry, need to get that humor under control.

And today I'm Blogging. Deal with it :).

I'm not exactly sure what's involved, but CL assures me it's not immoral, illegal or will make me fat.
I think it churlish of her to smirk after that comment, and she’ll pay for it.
That’s AFTER she’s transcribed my post.

Let’s get this straight. Communication isn’t usually my thing.
I deal with CL because let's face it, if I didn’t, we wouldn’t get a damned thing written.
And look, I’m not one to tell tales about her off-laptop, but you know that phrase High Maintenance...?!

So what do you want to talk about today?
CL says it’s an interactive thing, this Blogging.
Ask them questions, she says.
Engage them,she says.
Entertain them, she says, then that smirk reappears.

Anyway, we write together.
Or rather, I create superbly-plotted, wildly original and breathtakingly imaginative worlds and characters, and then CL plugs them into the keyboard.
I read them over.
She weeps.
Then we try to make that proverbial silk purse out of the sow’s ear of her interpretation.

Yes, I’m assertive. Some would say harsh, but then that’s relative to… what?
CL’s prevarication? Inevitable distraction by anything shiny? Over-use of adverbs?
Yes, I kick butt. Well, I would if I had feet.
That’s metaphor, you should know that, right?
She's smirking again.

And that makes me THINK about this Writing Thing.
About WHY we put ourselves through it. WHY we do it at all.
For entertainment? For gratification? For - like I said before - communication?
For motivations that are materialistic or magnanimous?

Anyway, here’s what they tell me is a POLL.
(now there’s a plot bunny...)
It's FUN, apparently.
Join in. Click those boxes.
Oh, and Add your own reasons!!.
CL appears very interested to know.
EDIT: had to take the damned POLL thing down, it wasn't working. I'm not saying operator error or anything, of course...

Personally, I think it's just her excuse to avoid another sticky chapter 3 for another hour or so.
But I'm not listening to any complaints from any of you, just get on with it.
Like you’re some kind of creative, sensitive soul who should be allowed to respond to the whims of life and the vagaries of imagination at your own leisure and with the complete support and admiration from all around you…

OK, so CL's making those gestures where you draw a zip across your mouth.
Guess my time's up.
And she informs me (her teeth appear to be gritted) that I’ve been rudely cavalier and have probably alienated her whole readership.
All 7 of them. *yawn*
So to redress the balance, if you comment here, I'll enter you in a draw to win a FREE DOWNLOAD of one of her books.
Guess I'll be paying for that out of my commission.
If I got any, that is.

PS to kz_snow:
Just talking hypothetically, you understand, but IF I were in the market for a relationship, and IF I liked the look of a fellow muse, and IF that muse were a like-minded soul, and IF you just happened to pass me Buddy's cell number so we could sort of compare notes on our authors...

It looks poor on the net, I'm told -
"Muse seeks like-minded soulmate, is single, no allergies, GSOH, non-smoker, non-mover actually, occasional power complexes, ludicrous yet embedded commitment to m/m author..."

You get the picture.

Sez Clare: *speechless*.


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Original call-up post HERE!!
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