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JAN 21: a new YEAR, a new LOOK..............?

Today's visitor is sharona1x2, a dear friend of mine and one of the most charming 'movers and shakers' in Gundam Wing fandom. She is totally, loyally happy in her love for HeeroxDuo (also my pairing of choice, of course!), a great and caring support for other fans, writers and artists - and she also maintains the most fabulous fan site Moments of Rapture, where I'm proud to have some of my own fiction archived.
I'm in great company there!

So... today?

It's a new year and maybe full of new resolutions for us. Topically, Sharon is sharing her personal experience over the last year in changing her life - and her looks! She remains the same lovely woman to me *lol*, but her experience is an inspiration to me, and I'm both proud and admiring of her.

Can't wait to see you again one day soon, Sharon! ♥

Sharon posts:

Most people have posted fandom-related things so far, but I wanted to do something different. I'm posting a personal story about my weight loss efforts in 2008. I know a lot of people struggle with their weight, so I'm hoping my story might help others who are in a similar situation.

  • The journey toward a healthier lifestyle starts: I'm 50 years old, am 5'5" tall, have been through menopause and am not a very active person. I have an addiction to sweets. I've been overweight almost my entire life.

    I started calorie counting on January 28, 2008. My starting weight was 260 pounds, the highest I've ever weighed. My calorie goal to start was 1,850 calories a day to lose 2 pounds a week. My goal weight was set at 150, but I would be happy to get to 170.

    When I first started counting, I was more concerned with hitting my daily goal. I didn't worry as much about the kind of calories I ate, as much as I did the number. I was able to lose weight that way, but in the long run, I wasn't really changing the habits that got me to my weight in the first place. Through trial and error, and a lot of reading at various weight loss forums, I finally was able to put together a menu that favored healthy eating over weight loss.

  • Here are a few examples of some of my favorite things to eat:

    Picture 1 is Chobani vanilla yogurt (0% fat), with a few spoonfuls of thawed raspberries and blueberries, topped with honey and a teaspoon of Grape Nuts cereal. This is one of my favorite things to have before working out. (305 calories)

    Picture 2 is my version of pizza. I toast one Arnold Multi Grain Sandwich Thin roll for the crust, then top each piece with turkey pepperoni, fresh tomato, fresh basil and reduced fat mozzarella. Sprinkle some Italian seasonings on top, and it's just like having pizza. (355 calories)

    Picture 3 is my burger and fries lunch. It starts with a turkey burger on a whole wheat roll (with lettuce, tomato and onion). Then I add three ounces of sweet potato fries (baked), and 2/3 cup of mixed vegetables (in this case, the frozen kind). It's a very filling meal. (430 calories)

    Picture 4 is whole wheat pasta (2/3 cup, dry) and 4 ounces ground turkey (93%lean) topped with crushed tomatoes. It's a very light sauce compared to what I used to make. The side dish is broccoli and cheese. (430 calories)

  • Where I am today, and what I've learned: I eat 5-6 times every day, I try to eat fruit and/or vegetables with every meal, I eat as many unprocessed foods as possible. I still go out for meals 1-2 times every week, and I give myself time off from watching what I eat on special occasions and vacations. My rule is to be perfect... 90% of the time. I still allow myself sweets, but I go for a more healthy choice (low fat/low sugar dairy products instead of highly processed cakes and cookies).

    I feel like I should say that the journey from 260 to 205 (my current weight) has been difficult, but that's not completely true. It was super easy for the first 8-9 months. I've only started struggling for the last few months, since I've joined a gym. I'm currently re-evaluating my calorie limit to see if I need to adjust it up, because of all the exercise I do.

    I'm also planning to try a more structured way of eating. I've been reading Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle, in which the author, Tom Venuto, details a formula for combining different types of food to achieve maximum fat burning. My goal for 2009 is to lose half of what I still want to lose. When I lose 15 pounds in 2009, I'll be back at the weight I was when I got married, 10 years ago. There's no 'if' in my plan. This will happen.

  • My advice for people wanting to lose weight: The single biggest mistake most dieters make is to eat too little. It sounds counter-intuitive, but to lose weight you must feed your body enough. If a body isn't fed enough, it clings to everything it gets because it assumes it's going through a period of starvation. It's not impossible to lose weight by eating too little. Unfortunately, the weight people do lose this way is usually lean muscle, the very thing we need to keep. Dieters do much better when they keep just a little under the amount of calories needed to maintain their weight.

    I also suggest getting more active, even if it's only 30 minutes of extra activity every day. Joining a gym is great, but doing extra housework and parking the car further from your destination will make a person use up more calories. When you use up more calories, you get to eat more food.

    Losing weight isn't something that happens overnight. Patience has to go along with determination. Don't try to lose more than 1-2 pounds a week (less if your weight is already close to your goal). In my case, it took me 10 years to gain the weight. It wouldn't make sense for me to be able to lose all of it in just a few months.

  • Helpful links:

    The Daily Plate, the site I use to track calories.
    Calorie Count Plus, another great calorie tracking site.
    Harris Benedict Equation, a site to determine your BMI/BMR.
    Recipezaar, a treasure house of great recipes.

    If you're interested in seeing the plan I want to try this year, I'm working on developing it here. The HTML is pretty basic, but I'm doing this mainly for myself.

I hope this has been helpful to anyone looking to make this kind of change in their life. If anyone has any questions or suggestions, I'd love to hear what you have to say!

Sez Clare : do any of you empathize with this / have a similar life plan for this year / have any other advice to share?! Comment away! ♥


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