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JAN 16: What's it all about...?!

Today my visitor is jenre, avid reader, most excellent blogger and reviewer of fiction, especially m/m. She's fun and witty and has a perceptive, amusing, encouraging view of life - and our beloved fiction, of course!

Why I Love to Read m/m Romance

About a year ago I discovered m/m romance fiction and from practically the first book I’ve been hooked. What is it, though, about this small (or is that select) genre that has made me all but abandon my once-beloved het historicals and read, almost exclusively, m/m romance?

Anyone who reads my blog will know that I like here we go!

Here are Jen's great reasons...

1. The Men

It’s always about the men for me, even in het romance. I find it difficult to identify with heroines in romance novels as they are often nothing like me in physical form or personality and I find that I am rather unforgiving of their faults and impatient with them. The men... well, I’ve spent many hours swooning over some of my favourite Historical Romance Heroes. In m/m romance you get two yummy heroes for the price of one – what could be better?!

2. The Sex
After reading many, many het romances where the sex was such a big deal, it was refreshing to read a genre where sex was a natural part of the relationship. In m/m there’s no hang ups; no thoughts of ‘will he respect me in the morning?’; no virgin/whore preconceptions. The men meet, have an attraction and act upon it. At first the men may not even want to make a serious commitment to each other, which would certainly have had to be the case in a lot of het romance and certainly in Historicals. The fun of m/m is watching the men turn what could be just casual sex into something more.

3. The Different Plot Ideas

I’ve really enjoyed all the different plot themes that I’ve encountered in m/m romance. Plots such as: ‘Gay for You’ – not everyone’s cup of tea but my guilty pleasure; ‘Cute Young Things’; ‘The Closeted Gay’; YAOI and dealing with homophobia or prejudice. They were like a breath of fresh air to my jaded palette.

4. The Community

M/m is a very small genre. Because of this, the community of authors and readers who write and enjoy m/m is also very small. I’ve loved reading the blog posts of many authors and readers of m/m, enjoyed commenting on their blogs and sharing in their discussions, frustrations and (sometimes) moans. I’ve ‘met’ with many, many friendly people and I’m always heartened to see how supportive many authors are of each other and the reader blogs who comment and review their writing. Of course, there’s the odd disagreement and the occasional ding-dong, but generally everyone works together to give us a real sense of community on the internet and I like being part of that.

Jen says :
So there you have it: My reasons why I love m/m.
What about you? What got you hooked on reading m/m?
Or if you are an author, what made you want to write in this genre?

Please let us all know! ♥


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