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JAN 14: Let me introduce you...

So dear God, it's one of MY days and I nearly forgot! LOL
Not really, I just got distracted at my second home, The Dentist.
But now I'm back online and still in one piece, and I wanted to introduce you to

someone who's very close to me.

Who supports and cossets and encourages and inspires me.
Who is always there beside me when I write, who doesn't argue with me, who can be silent when I want him to be, who tolerates my bad moods.
But who also has a will of his own, who is volatile, emotional, fragile, flaky, tempestuous, sexy, determined, fractious...
Whose silence can often be taken for dismissal or sulking or just damned pig-headedness.
Who has a tendency to pack his bags at any imagined slight and leave forthwith for Brighton beach.
And not send a postcard. Or answer his cell. Or leave me any useful notes or plot directions or character bios...

There he is, in all his fairly androgynous glory, showing his opinion of my posturing and complaints and creative pouts, i.e. despairing of how the hell someone as flaky as I am ever gets anything written in the first place.

And so you can see what a ridiculously small size he is, there's a picture of him at ClareSpace, that's where I (try to) write, the corner of the dining room table. I need my HD to hand and plenty of paper and pens, and a vase of flowers.
(Sorry that one looks a bit tired, they're due for a refresh *lol*. And thanks to Hubby for the pictures, despite the eye rolling when I gave him the project...).

So...The Muse.

*Angel or Anguish?

*Disproportionately powerful or a Critical Friend?

*Giving gifts of Inspiration or gleefully smirking at your Writer's Block???!!!

Who or what is your Muse?

A person / image / music / emotion / silly little statuette like mine? LOL.

Is he/she your greatest helpmate or yet another hurdle in the battle for Fic Completion?

Love/hate - or Love Eternal?

Let us know! ♥


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