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January 02! GO, lilzazu....

Today I have some gorgeous fanfic to post from lilzazu. She's a dear friend, a supporter of everything I'm doing (even when I'm disappointing her by not writing fanfic any more! LOL) and a damned fine author.

Her fandom is Gundam Wing, her pairing of choice Heero & Duo (1x2x1). I started my 'publishing' career writing for the same pairing, and I still love reading it. We've shared our love of the fiction and the friends we've made online for a long time now - and she still keeps in touch, even though I've now defected to the dark side original fiction camp!

This short fic is a PERFECT example of what I love about her writing - wit and sauce and a love for her characters. I was squeeing very happily when I read it. Even if you're not a Gundam Wing fan, you'll enjoy a style that's a breath of fresh air, and of course, the sexy pilot boys at play!

And please send her feedback if you like it!

Her other work can be found here on LJ lilzazu,
at Deb's Archive,
at Amy Mizuno's Archive.


Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing, nor do I own the characters. I have borrowed them here for some fun and creativity, and this is not for profit. I do, however, own the plot mentioned here, and any instances that you may find similar to real life events are purely a coincidence.
Rating: G
Pairing: 1+2
Notes: Beta-read by misao_duo, written for Clare! =)
Title: A Sticky Situation

The last thing he expected was that the stick shift would get sticky, and stuck.

Well, not quite stuck, but more difficult to use. Definitely not as smooth as it used to be; at least, not until he could clean it.

Why did he have to clean it, anyway? He wasn’t the one who got sticky stuff all over the place. Arguably, he could have tried to prevent it, or at least directed it elsewhere; surely it would have been easier to clean the leather seats than the stick shift? Or off of himself?

Okay, so maybe he did have something to do with it. He’d been holding on a little too tight; he’d been a little lost in the moment too. The kisses had been hot; they were trying to make the last one of the year memorable, after all. Heck, they were trying to make the last moments of the year memorable, and maybe carry it into the New Year.

Maybe it should be in their resolutions for this year, to think things through a little more?

He sighed, knowing he’d have to take the stick shift out and maybe apart to thoroughly clean it.

He smiled a little just then. The last moments of the last year had definitely been memorable, and their first moments of this New Year had been equally memorable.

He chuckled at the memory that they hadn’t managed to start their new year with a kiss, or even well-wishes. His lover had shouted his name, and he’d replied with ‘oh shit!’

His lover hadn’t been in the best place to begin with; he’d had a knee on either front seat of the convertible, straddling over the stick shift, looking up at the brilliant stars of the clear night sky, leaning back on the console. What buttons his ass had hit hadn’t mattered; the car hadn’t been running.

But then when they’d started kissing, he should have eased his seat back and let his lover sit in his lap. Instead, he got distracted, too busy with listening to the murmured sounds of approval and laughing a little as one of them muttered something about memorable last moments and the other muttered an agreement.

Then, they were fumbling a little, his lover reaching for what he wanted, and him trying to help while still nibbling those kiss-swollen lips. They both had a hand on what they wanted, and with a gasp and a grunt it’d come pouring out, coating the stick shift and his lover’s groin. His lover broke the kiss, jerking back and shouting his name and he’d cursed.


He looked up at the sound of his lover’s voice as Duo slid into the seat next to him. “Can you clean it?”

“I have to take it out to be thorough,” he answered.

“What a way to start the new year, huh?” Duo mocked.

“Why do I have to clean it?” Heero asked yet again.

“Because it was your fault.”

“No, it was yours.”

Duo laughed. “Because you love me and you know that I’d take out more than the stick shift while I was at it, and Quatre would kill me for doing it, and you for not stopping me?”

“We’re never doing that again. In any car,” Heero said.

“What, making out in a car?”

“Making out in a car with you over the stick shift where something sticky could possibly be spilled,” Heero explained.

“It was your idea to celebrate the New Year on top of the mountain. And you started the kissing.”

He had to concede both of those points, but he wouldn’t concede the last one.

“You wanted to make the last moments and first moments memorable.”

“You made me spill it, and you’re the one who made me forget where I was.”

“It’s not my fault that when you kiss me I can’t tell left from right, up from down,” Heero grumbled.

“Okay,” Duo leaned over for a quick peck. “It was our fault, okay? But you can’t tell me it wasn’t a memorable way to start our new year.”

“I’m not going to forget it anytime soon,” Heero agreed. “Anyway, weren’t you making lunch? Is it done already?”

“I was, and it isn’t done yet. I came to tell you that…” Duo got out of the car. “Quatre called. He’s coming to pick up the car in two hours instead of tomorrow, so you better get it cleaned up quick!” With that, he darted back into the house.

Heero glared after his lover and then sighed, turning back to the stick shift.

They were never, ever, going to kiss while attempting to open a bottle of lemonade over a stick shift. Or in a car for that matter.

He spotted something sticky in the seat belt clasp of the passenger seat and sighed, reaching with the wet towel to scrub it clean.

That was his resolution for the New Year.

They were never going to kiss while doing anything else that involved more than each other’s bodies or clothes, and the only bottle that either of them would open…

Would be the lube.

- END -

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