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Hi and HAPPY 2009!

Maybe not even Happy - just a peaceful, comfortable, harmonious year to you all. Let's say, whatever you would like it to be ♥.

I'm going to be posting throughout January - because there have been times this year I've been an antisocial grump, no, please don't try to deny it *coughcoughohallrightthenpleasedo*. And I like to keep in touch with you all. Life - online and otherwise - has thrown up its fair share of Grins and Grims over the last year, and I daresay 2009 will be the same. But let's start expecting the best, right?!

And people are going to JOIN ME this month too! Wheeeeeeee!

(lilzazu, ready for tomorrow?!)

If you're on the list to join in, you can either send me over something on email -
clarelondon11 @ (no spaces)
or just post to the comments on that day. I'll start a new post every morning, if only to say HI *lol*.
Then I'll cut and paste your comment into the main body of the post.

Let everyone know you're coming over to visit, too!

And there's spaces left, if you want to leap on board during the month. Come and pimp, pose or pontificate!
(just drop me a comment, any day!)

TODAY, Jan 1 I'm fragile after a late night (*iz oooooold*) and I'm also racing to finish editing a new novel I want to submit soon in January. Wish me luck! I don't want to rush it, obviously, but I'm an impatient gal and I want to sub and move on to something new.

Maybe we'll be talking this month about Subbing and Editing and Being Rejected and things like that?! *stacks her soapboxes...*

So anyway, the Cheeky Cherubs of Eternal Press Yahoo Group fame are holding the fort for me. No, I have no control over them. Yes, they're flaky. I'm just the conduit, you know? Their reluctant agent LOL. But I love 'em *LMAO*.

“I’m just not ready.”
“It’s here already and I’m not ready.”
“I’m going to regret this, I know, but… what’s here already?”
“You know.”
“Ah. Yes, I’ll regret this too, but obviously if I knew…”
“Oh. Right. I mean New Year, of course.”
“Of course.”
“It’s all the Resolutions for the New Year.”
“Is it?”
“I have none.”
“None at all?”
“Don’t frown like that. I’ve just been so busy.”
“As a Celebration Consultant and Devotions Delivery Agent. Sending people’s birthday cards, you know. Writing pithy verses for celebrations. Practicing my singing telegrams…”
“Oh, sorry, yes. I remember. You stopped me doing that.”
“It wasn’t me. It was the neighborhood watch committee. And the rest home staff. Oh, and the veterinary surgery down the road.”
“Your point is made. But anyway, I never thought to make a list for 2009.”
“Life isn’t about lists.”
“Is that from one of my pithy verses? Of course life is. Lists of what I want to achieve, what I have achieved, what I love, loathe and lust after –”
“Steady on.”
“Sorry. That list is, of course, properly rated.”
“And so what would you have put on these lists, if you’d done them?”
“What you achieved last year. There’s one for a start. What was important to you?”
“You’re not teasing?”
“Do I look like it?”
“Well, that’s not always…”
“Sorry, no, of course not. Not much, I suppose you’d say. But I was happy at making others happy.”
“I’d say that was a good achievement.”
“Hm. I guess so. That’s the job, isn’t it? But it’s not like running a marathon, or winning the Pulitzer, or becoming a Transformer, or getting a piercing in my –”
“Steady on, again.”
“Oops, yes, sorry. So you think that’d be okay as my List?”
“I do. And for this coming year?”
“Well. Just more of the same, I guess.”
“Your imagination is modest.”
“But charming. And really, that’s all that matters.”
“What? Why are you glaring at me?”
“Was that, like… a compliment?”
“It was! You make me want to write a pithy verse, just for you – ”
“I know, steady on.”
“Let’s just welcome in the New Year and keep up the good work. Life’s a path, not a single paving stone.”
“Is that from one of my…?”
“Can I borrow it, then? Clare’s got a birthday coming up and she’s bound to get maudlin as usual, moaning her days of good looks and lap-dancing are over, despite that clip her Sons sold to us of her interpretation of the Madonna/Britney video at this year's Christmas party…”
“I’ll just keep quiet, shall I?”
“It’s amazing how sharp you can be when you want to.”
“Does that mean I can have the piercing after all…?”

Happy New Year, live your life in Love’s name.
End one year with kindness, start the next with the same.
With Tango, and Aria, and Glamorous Prose,
May your life bring joy and your friendships be close.

copyright Lune and Sol, Cheeky Cherubs (Pithy Verses) Inc.
Tags: blog, blog month, cherubs, eternal, me

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