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Well, I'm inspired by the Christmas season and the daily fun stuff that gets posted on the lead up to it. For example, I'm enjoying fiction by lilzazu and reviews by emily83176 and a saucy, delicious Advent Calendar from erastes - amongst many, many other things!

And I was just wondering...

January is my birthday month and also the start of the New Year (duh, obviously). I'm thinking of posting more frequently in 2009, too - so how would people feel about me posting something every day in January, some fiction snippets, some pictures, some thoughts, jokes etc etc, to mark the occasion?

And would anyone else like to JOIN IN?!

There's a list of free days on this post beneath the cut (embarrassingly empty at the moment), just comment to grab a day for yourself, to come and say hello. I'll keep a running Calendar of links for the month so people can nip back and forth to read and watch what we've produced.

Sez you (suspicious): What the hell does 'joining in' mean?
Share whatever you like with us - what you're working on, fiction or art - what you're reading or watching - what's delighted you - what's pissed you off - what's made your little heart beat faster - what or who you've been ogling.
And if I have spare days, I'll add some of my own stuff, or link to some (much better than mine) blogs.

Sez you (wary): Yeah, right. And what are the rules?
NONE!!! No pressure, no theme, no restrictions (apart from public decency of course!), no judgement, no minimum/maximum word count, just come and say hello in your way. Pimp your work, strut your stuff, pat yourself on the back. Post a link, a line from a song, a snippet of fiction, a meme, an icon, a moan, a laugh.
God, I love my lists.

Sez you (wavering): Why should I?
But it'd be great to build something from my LJ Friends, just for the month.
And everyone who takes part will get entered in a draw for a signed copy of one of my books, I'll send to anywhere in the world, in fact I'd be THRILLED to. (I can't offer you fanfiction instead because I'm still in Debit in that world LMAO).

Sez you (being sensible): So how's this gonna work?
I'm going to introduce each day, and if it's YOUR turn, just pop your stuff in the comments. Then I'll cut and paste it into the main body of the Journal so it's easily seen. I think that'll work.

What do you think? Am I being too pretentious? Will I have to create some fake LJ persona to make it look like I have mates??!!

To hell with it *LOL*. I'm pressing POST and we'll see what happens...

January, oh January...Collapse )
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