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Jumping in with both feet! from Chrissy Munder

Originally posted by chrissymunder at Jumping in with both feet!
Because I'm now *officially* behind on everything. Ha! We took some unexpected time off and stretched the holiday as far as we could manage. We had great fun (hopefully I'll get some pictures posted), and now reality is back with a vengance.

Did I really sign up for two intensive classes at the same time? I still need to finish my latest Hadley course so I guess that makes it three. But they all looked so interesting .... All right, no whining allowed. :) I haven't had a chance to sit down, review my first 1/2 a year and revise my goals for the next half a year. Best get cracking on that. And ooh, lookee! A property tax bill for the property we sold back in April. Need to find out what happened there.  New releases abound, plenty of blog posts and friends to catch-up on.

Best get on it, eh?

Do ever sometimes find the post-vacation makes you question if the actual time off was worth it? What did you do for the holiday? Or, non-US folks, the gorgeous weekend?
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