Clare London (clarelondon) wrote,
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RELEASE DAY TODAY - my contribution to the Flight HA1710 stories. FLASHBULB is now available at all online bookstores.


Blythe Harris was taking his first flight to the USA and hopefully a whole new client base for his bespoke upholstery business. An adventure for him, he was both nervous and excited to attract the attention of a handsome steward. Things might have gone further – if Flight HA1710 hadn’t failed.

Marc Stafford is a self-confessed player, and he used his charm to seduce his cute passenger. But in the aftermath of the crash, he’s struggling to recover his confidence. The TV declares him a hero for saving passengers, but at night his nightmares trigger painful flashbulb memories of the crash.

In an Irish hospital, Bly realises that although his broken leg will recover, his career may not. And in Chicago, Marc can’t face returning to work. Neither of them can shake off the memory of their brief, sexy encounter. Both of them need to be with someone who understands exactly what they’ve been through. And on a middle ground they can make all their own.

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This story is part of a series about Flight HA1710, with other stories contributed by RJ Scott, Sara York, Meredith Russell, Serena Yates and Amber Kell. Find all the details HERE.
Make sure you check out all the other fabulous stories - all standalone, but linked by the same theme.

Tags: jocular, new release

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