Clare London (clarelondon) wrote,
Clare London

World Autism Awareness Day / Free Prize Draw WINNER

A group of authors and readers posted recently about World Autism Awareness Day . Please visit R J SCOTT's blog where she has an introductory post, and I hope you were able to catch up with some of the very heartening and sympathetic posts and comments.

I offered a FREE download of any one of my books for a random commenter on the blog, and I'm pleased to say the winner has been chosen as


Angela, I've emailed you if you don't see this post. Please let me know your choice of book and format as soon as you like.

And many MANY thanks to everyone who took time out to consider all the people who are living with it as a condition, acting as a carer and/or family member, or are affected in some way by it.

♥ ♥
Tags: autism, contest

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