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World Autism Awareness Day / Free Prize Draw

Today is World Autism Awareness Day and I'm happy to be part of a group of authors and bloggers who are acknowledging the day. Please visit R J SCOTT's blog where she has an introductory post.

And please feel free to add your own comments, here on the blog, or on my Facebook. At the end of this post is a Rafflecopter prize draw you can enter. Leave the link to your comment and your name will be entered into the draw for a FREE download of any one of my books.


Those with the condition share three main areas of difficulty, which are sometimes called the triad of impairments.

*Those with Autism have difficulty recognising and understanding people’s feelings and managing their own, They may, for example, stand too close to another person, prefer to be alone, behave inappropriately and may not seek comfort from another person. This can make it hard for those with the condition to make friends.

*People with autism have difficulty using and understanding verbal and non-verbal language, such as gestures, facial expressions and tone of voice, as well as jokes and sarcasm. Some might not speak, or have fairly limited speech. They may understand what people say to them but prefer to use alternative forms of communication, such as sign language.

*People with autism have difficulty understanding and predicting other people’s intentions and behaviour, and imagining situations that are outside their own routine. This can mean they carry out a narrow, repetitive range of activities. A lack of social imagination should not be confused with lack of imagination. Many people with autism are very creative.

***and following on from that, I'd like to feature part of a poem by a young adult man with autism, Scott Lentine. For me, it's a vivid and poignant expression of living with the condition.

Acceptance of Autism

Wanting to be free
Wanting to be me
Trying to make people see
And accept the real me

Some people think my voice is too loud
And that my mannerisms strike them as being odd
This perception of me by others keeps me feeling blue
But there are plenty of struggles in life that I must get through

I am determined to show my critics my true personality
Hoping that people move away from their narrow-minded mentalities
I want them to know that I am a bright young man
Who is willing to take on as many challenges in life as I can

I want to make new friends and create a new start
I like to develop new relationships with an open heart
I hope to be accepted for the person that I am
So people can understand a true autistic man.


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