Clare London (clarelondon) wrote,
Clare London

... and having writ, moves on... Or Not.

I'm home! and my God, what a trek LOL. I won't impose the whole saga on you all, but feel free to follow the text snippets below if you feel sympathetic :).

I left the Hard Rock Hotel at my leisure, thinking I'd leave myself plenty of time at the airport to relax and prepare myself for the long journey home.

And THEN... (ominous music)

Distracted for that critical moment at security...Collapse )

It was always going to be a tight connection...Collapse )

HOW MANY more gates?Collapse )

I'll apologise when I can breathe again ...Collapse )

My luggage is WHERE?Collapse )

my car won't WHAT?Collapse )

there's WHAT on my credit card?Collapse )

The lovely Sue Brown, fellow UK author, also got delayed on her way home but found some great inspiration for future stories! I've just got the shopping to do, my luggage to worry about, a fistful of antibiotics and a hacking cough like I'm on 60 a day. I'm wondering how to weave a sexy HEA into all that ... LMAO.

Thank God for plenty of pictures of GRL online to cheer me up ♥
Tags: grl, travel

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