Clare London (clarelondon) wrote,
Clare London

Didn't we have a luvverly day, the day we went to Brighton

I never did get around to writing up my visit to the UK Meet, did I? :)

However MANY other attendees have done a much better job. So feel free to visit the UK Meet website, and the drop-down page called Telling Tales *g*.

You'll also find lots of pictures there of the day's fun. If anyone else has written up their visit, please let me know so I can add a link.

And oh lookee... here are a few pics of the After-Part(ies) on Saturday night which I *haven't* posted to the website.

(all pics taken with the attendees permission, I hasten to add, though as I was taking some of the pics through a coconut-daquiri-induced haze, they may not recognise themselves *g*) . And omg, let me know if I got anything/anyone wrong!

Panel 1 from L-R: my tapas meal, jay rookwood and jamie merrow, kat and agnes merikan, lavinia lewis, amanda earl, jo myles, the merikans plus melanie tushmore, jordan castillo price with cool hat, and jo.
Panel 2 from L-R: amanda, anne brooke, melanie, jo, anna martin, ingrid, dancing bums ahoy, burlesque dancer, tam ames, me, jcp, jenre and tam.
Panel 3 from L-R: the masked merikans, blimey too blurred to say, jen and tam after more drinks, dancing queen me caught by ingrid, clare's usual blurred standard pic, jo and a hug from a merikan.

(apology offered to the darling merikans, calling them a group because I can't always see which is which. No excuse, I know... *g*)

My God, what fun I had! And I was so pleased with the content of the day being both fun and fascinating. And the encouraging and enthusiastic way everyone contributed. And ... all of it.

♥ ♥
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