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Well, it's not really a review as such, so I'm not presuming to post it anywhere official. I just felt so strongly at the end of reading it, I thought I should post some of those thoughts :)

Servant of the Seasons 1 : Autumn
By Lee Benoit


Servant of the Seasons 1 : Autumn
By Lee Benoit

I was enchanted by this story. That’s exactly the right word, in my opinion!

It seemed a slow, explanatory opening, but this was deceptive – it was actually paced just right. No rushing into action, or on the other hand, getting the reader mired in an information dump. Also no implausible leap from ‘hello’ to ‘forever yours’ or anything like that. Just a plausible, realistic tale of a sudden culture shock and the physical and emotional struggle to start a new life. Charming, but in all the right senses of that word, no ways a saccharin trip.

Many things weren’t explained, but this added to the fascination for me, the slightly displaced atmosphere of mysticism and physical fear and confusion, perfectly illustrating Edor’s own mind. It never annoyed me, being teased snippets of the tale as I read – in fact, it delighted me. That’s how it should be. The writing was both accessible and lyrical, creating a moment in time and a man’s life that was vivid and fascinating enough not to need a lot of history or ‘footnotes’. Believe me, I appreciate that *lol*. Bog me down with unpronounceable names or maps and I’m doomed – I like to start off in a fictional world and find my own way around, through the characters and the skill of the author in drawing me in. I want to live with them, to hear and see them, to experience their moods and excitement and angst. All through the words. Call me demanding.

The style and pace of this tale did just that, it allowed me to slip into this other world without even noticing I’d travelled. I was wincing with Edor’s physical work and blushing with his embarrassment at coming back into a social relationship – or two! – in the loveliest way. A lovely sense of words and their strengths and their descriptive power combined with a confident use of dialogue and underlying wit – and I could feel Edor’s feelings as my own. I loved his slowly reawakening sensual senses as much as his initial, grumpy, confused resistance to the other men's 'pied piper' act with the local wildflife. And before I could start to get my head around the back stories and the future events that were both threatening and inspiring Edor and his new friends, it didn’t matter a jot because I was in love with the whole darned lot of them. Hoping for the best; marvelling at what was happening; fearful for their newly discovered partnership.

It was one of those stories, that when I got to the end, I felt bereft! and needing more.
Not a want issue, you understand? but a need one. LOL

Yes, I guess all of us should do this more often, post about what we got from a story. I'll personally try to. I know the excitement of hearing someone's response to a story you've put out there, whether it's good or not so good (!). I suppose reading can be such an insular, self-contained, introverted thing, we don't think to project it back out again.
Yes, I do have a spell of adjective-itis today *lol*

Happy weekend everyone!



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May. 3rd, 2008 05:22 pm (UTC)
Goodness, thank you! Fortunately, there will be three more stories in this series. Unfortunately, now I'm all fluttery about them satisfying 'demanding' readers. Thank you for reading, Clare, and for your thoughtful insights!
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