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Sasha L. Miller - making magic happen

Today's guest is fellow author Sasha L. Miller on fantasy, her favourite genre.


Making Magic Happen | Sasha L. Miller

I love making magic happen in my stories—literally. Fantasy is my absolute favorite genre. Building new worlds and settings around special, magical abilities is one of the things that first drew me to writing (another being the fun of matchmaking pretty men!).

magic bookMagic evolves within a story for me. I never go into a story knowing all of the nuances of the magical system I'm throwing characters into. I usually start with a scene or a single ability. In Living Words, the magic system began with the idea of a spoke spell latching onto the remnants of a previously spoken, but unfinished spell and the after-effects of that. That scene ended up being a small part of the story, but it was an important part of building the world. The magic evolved into a system of "living" languages used for spell casting and "dead" languages that could be spoken with no magical effect.

pocketwatch innardsAnother example was the magic I used in Stolen Hearts. The magic system in that book evolved solely from the idea of melding magic and mechanics to replace a vital organ—a heart. From that grew an entire system of magic—fairies and wizards, unequal magics, charms, and spells to keep a person from the brink of death.

Magic also helps me sort out the greater world in which a story is based. How is the magic taught? Do the mages put their magic to practical use, or go the more traditional route of research? How does the magic affect non-magic users and their daily lives and goals? What does the magic help and what does it hurt?

magic eyeI also find magic is a lot of fun in contemporary settings. I love throwing magic into a contemporary setting, either out in the open, as though magic is normal and has always been around, or clandestine, hidden away in the quiet corners of life.

What's your favorite part of fantasy? The magic? Fantastical creatures? Do you prefer contemporary fantasy, old-school, traditional fantasy, or something in between?

* * *

Sasha L. Miller spends most of her time writing, reading, or playing with all things website design. She loves telling stories, especially romance, because there's nothing better than giving people their happily ever afters. When not writing, she spends time cooking, harassing her roommates, and playing with her cats.

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Jan. 16th, 2012 07:29 pm (UTC)
I'm not a huge fan of fantasy, I think because I never read fantasy in any other form, i.e. outside romance. I enjoy wizards and witches in movies and TV, just not so much in books, maybe because there is often so much world building that I get bored. I like when it just kind of gets slipped in. If I had to choose, I suppose I like more traditional with elves and fairies and the like. Having a normal guy in 2012 use magic is okay, but I tend to associate it with more "otherworldly" types. Maybe elves who LOOK human. :-)

I did recently read the Forrester by Blaine D. Arden and it had magic CSI type stuff and I love that type of story, so combining it with magic was very cool and I really enjoyed it. It wasn't something I'd seen before, so it's always fun to see a rather modern twist but set in the more traditional fantasy world.

In other words, what do I prefer? I'm entirely unsure. :-)
Jan. 16th, 2012 11:21 pm (UTC)
Oh, I completely agree with you there--if the author spends more time waxing poetical about the world than on the characters, then I usually can't get anywhere with the book. (Except maybe to sleep! ^__^) I love fantasy in romance books because it tends to keep away from that trap, plus in romance there's more of a focus on the characters and... I'm babbling, so I'm cutting myself off there. :3 Suffice to say, romantic fantasy is my favorite. ^__^

Oooh, that sounds really interesting! I love CSI type shows, and combining that with magic is right up my alley. ^__~

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