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Jen's favourite Rom Coms

Today's guest is blogger and reviewer Jen of the WELL READ blog, sharing her favourite rom com movies with us. Can I confess to a couple of these being on *my* top list as well? :)


You would think, wouldn’t you, that because I love romance novels I would also love romance films.  Well, no, not really. I’m more of a swords and scorcery/fantasy/all action/sci-fi  type of girl when it come to my films.  I never take a trip to the cinema to watch a romantic comedy, feeling that paying the ridiculous prices they charge at the cinema these days needs to be spent on a film with major special effects - something which many rom coms lack, not do I often buy them on DVD.  When I do like a rom com, it’s often a bit odd and quirky and doesn’t fit the ideal image that many Hollywood film producers have about what makes a successful rom com.  So what would be my top five  favourite romance films?  Let’s have a list in reverse order.

5. The Truth About Cats and Dogs

This is one of those little known rom coms which I don’t even think was particularly successful when it was released. I happened to catch it on the TV one evening and bought the DVD because I liked it so much.  Go here for a description of the film. I liked it because the smart, funny but not conventionally beautiful woman wins her man by just being her usual witty self.

4. Roman Holiday

Audrey Hepburn, looking young, pretty and charmingly naive as a princess who ‘escapes’ and meets up with newsman, Gregory Peck, in Rome.  Very, very romantic but without the conventional HEA that most romance film watchers need.  More details here

3. The Wedding Singer

Worth watching for the 1980’s references alone, this is a slightly more conventional rom com but the likeable leads of Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, who have a really good onscreen chemistry, make this a film I watch over and over again.  The scene where Sandler’s Wedding Singer character gets drunk and bawls out Love Stinks at the top of his voice is both funny and deeply sad at the same time.  Find out more here.

2. Notting Hill

Another fairly conventional rom com but it’s so much more than boy/girl fall in love. There’s a terrific set of secondary characters who almost steal the film, especially Hugh Grant’s flat mate played by the outrageous Rhys Ifans. The humour is uniquely British but the usual ‘bumbling Brit’ routine by Grant is offset by Julia Roberts’ sharper personality. I always watch this if I’m feeling under the weather and need cheering up.  More about the film here.

1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

This film is my very favourite romance film. It shows an entirely different side to Jim Carrey. Gone is the gurning and outlandish antics and instead he plays a quiet, introverted man who has recently split from extravert girlfriend Kate Winslet. He discovers that she’s had her mind wiped of him and their relationship and so sets out to do the same for her, before realising that the process shows him how much he loved her.  The story is told almost in reverse and like many Charlie Kaufman films it has twists and turns and unexpected pathways. It’s not always easy to follow but it’s well worth all the puzzling. It makes you think, so those looking for a mindless cheery romance film won’t find it here.  It leaves me with an ache inside – in a good way because the ending, whilst not conventional is still a HFN.  Find out more here.

So there you have it.  My top five romance films.  Do you have a favourite you want to share?

Visit Jen at WELL READ where she regularly chats, reviews (very thoughtfully and well) and shares her love of fiction and entertainment.



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