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Some great reviews ...

Like all other flaky, self-obsessed authors *cough*, I have Google Alerts set up to spot any mention of my books and/or online reviews.

For a while now, I've found "Clare London, review" brings me nothing but sports news (Clare Balding), directions to the National Gallery (Clare Freestone), Fear and Panic in the Dow Jones (Clare Connaghan), and our Mayor Boris Johnson's "Team London programme to get 600 older people online". *huh?*

Is this the DISadvantage of my city-based pen name, I asked myself? LOL

A few really lovely reviews have come my way as well!

At Queer Magazine Online for How the Other Half Lives.

EXCERPT from review: If you like unusual stories, you have to read this. The plotline and the way it is put together is extremely clever, entertaining and thought provoking at the same time. This is excellent romantic comedy, and a psychological study of human differences as well. If you want to laugh, wonder about relationships and what makes them work and come away with a smile on your face, I can only recommend this book.

At Book Robot Reviews for 72 HOurs.

EXCERPT from review: For our blog reviews, we add notes in the categories of Characters, Plot, Conflict, Romance, Sex Scenes, and Writing Style.
RATING: 70 point baseline + 8 character points – 3 plot + 3 romance = 78 points, three stars, recommended

CHARACTERS: Tanner is smart, sexy, smartass, energetic, mischievous, emotional. Good character (+4) with first person POV Niall is sexy, brooding, quiet, serious, smoldering, dominant. Good character (+4)

SEX SCENES: just right for the story and hot. Wish there was more.

At Wicked Lil Pixie for The Tourist.

EXCERPT from review: But what I loved about the tourist was as unreal as the setup is, the characters and story are very believable. Dan and Ricky are both well-developed and with the tourist learning about them from the inside out, it’s a very interesting reading experience. Not to mention I could see how these two damaged guys could end up together and make something great.


I've been especially thrilled by reviews from blogs I haven't heard of before, and people who have rarely - maybe never - read any MM romance, but been seduced to the dark side encouraged to try the genre.

Thanks to everyone who's read, noticed, reviewed my books, I really appreciate it!

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