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A Million Words of Free Fiction (and a few of mine)

HOT SUMMER DAYS have started at the Goodreads M/M Romance Group.

Group members were offered the chance to post a picture and request a story written to its prompt. Then authors joined in to "claim" whatever pic spoke to their Muse.

There's been a great response to this. Around 20,000 words will be released for reading EVERY DAY: stories of all lengths, of all genres and styles. And at the end of the month they'll be collected into a full volume to be archived on Goodreads. Over ONE MILLION words of free fiction to be enjoyed - if you can keep up LOL.

I mean, how could I resist Bookwatcher's request on *this* pic???

Say a Little Prayer

Jonathan's a hardworking student running a couple of jobs to fund himself through college and also help his Mum run her B&B on the Dorset coast. Despite his mischief-making Gran's insistence, he doesn't have the time or the nerve to chase potential dates. Then one day on the beach, after a hard day's ice cream sales, he meets Admael. Now Jonathan doesn't *need* to do the chasing - Admael's ready and willing for whatever Jonathan wants. And even if Jonathan's too nervous to think of anything beyond how to smuggle Admael home on the No. 7 bus, Gran is always on hand to offer him some lewd suggestions.

No idea when it'll be posted during the month, but there'll be plenty of other reading every day.

Not yet a member of the M/M Romance Group? You have to join because of the specifically adult nature of some of the content, but there's no cost and no commitment to join in beyond sharing your love of M/M Romance - though there's always plenty going on over there :).

JOIN HERE and I hope you enjoy the free fiction, all month.

Adara O'Hare \ Kathleen = Chasing the Prick
AJ Llewellyn \ Emanuela = Crocodile Undie
Aleksandr Voinov \ Cherie Noel = Unknown
Alex Whitehall \ Dee Wyeth = Hold Me Tight
Amanda Sings \ Yoshi = Present in Room Four
Amy Lane \ Mark Alders = Super Sock Man
Andrea Speed \ cturtlechick = My Bloody Valentine
Angel Martinez \ Jordan = If One Dream Should Fall and Break
Ann Roberts \ Summer = Rescued
Anne Tenino \ Deanna = Whitetail Rock
Ariel Tachna \ Justin = You're It
Astrid \ Chris = The Muse
Belinda McBride \ TJ = Free to Fly
Blaine D. Arden \ Courtney = Color Me
Bran Mydwynter \ Wyndslash = Friday, I'm in Love
Bryl Tyne \ Jacqueline = Alipio
Cardeno C. \ Melora = Woman With a Dildo
Casey Cox \ Cheryl = Be My Boy
Celia Kyle \ Samantha = Joy and Pain
Charles Edward \ Bubbles = Herotica: Photon's Story
Cherie Noel \ Heather S. = Kiss and Tell
Clare London \ Bookwatcher = Say A Little Prayer
Cleon Lee \ Tara = Beneath Your Wings
Connor Wright \ Mistress = Gone to Pieces
Cooper West \ Zahra = Henri's War
Damon Suede \ Nene = Seedy Business
David Greene \ Havan = Snake Bite
Deanna Wadsworth \ Geoffrey = Unscheduled Maintenance
Devon Rhodes \ Sara = His Last Resort
DH Starr \ JenMcJ = TLC
Dustin Adrian Rhodes \ Judith = Storm of Passion
Eden Winters \ Lissa = Sweet Dreams
Elizabeth Noble \ CAS = Take What's Yours
Em Woods \ Kelly = Between Friends
EN Holland \ Tam = Roman Holiday
Fae Sutherland \ Ami = More Than Words
Havan Fellows \ Queen = Hidden Needs
J Rocci \ Ang = Just Breathe Out
Jade Archer \ Casey = Cupid's Beau
Jaime Samms \ Jambrea = Mourning
Jambrea Jo Jones \ Koocie = Wild Blue Yonder
Jason Huffman-Black \ Adara = I Am The Highway
Jaya Christopher \ Jess = Cody and the Hermit
Jeanette Grey \ Stacey Jo = Heart and Soul
JL Merrow \ D. = Bear Naked
JM Cartwright \ Jordan S. = Appearing Knightly
Jordan Lombard \ Amanda = Finding Home
JP Barnaby \ DH Starr = End of the World as We Know It
JR Boyd \ Pia = Labor of Love
Julie Hayes \ Aikirangel = Pavane for a Proud Prince
Justin South \ Gabrielle = Reflections
K Lee Klein \ Carole = Outfoxed
Kaje Harper \ Reba = Like the Taste of Summer
Kari Gregg \ Barbara = The Importance of Being Denny
Kate Sherwood \ VJ = Taken
Kathleen Hayes \ Leah = Broken
Kayla Jameth \ Deanna = Controlled Fall
KD Sarge \ Cleon = Romeo and Julian: A Near-Tragedy near Verona
Kerry Freeman \ Lucia = Keep Me
Kim Dare \ Lora = Masochism 101
KM Mahoney \ Morgon = Show and Tell
KZ Snow \ Anne = Quiet Erp
LC Chase \ Nic B. = Open Tackle
Lee Brazil \ Juni = Be A Bad Boy
Lily Sawyer \ Stephen = Lawn Boys
Lisa Worrall \ Desert = Just One Kiss
Lydia Nyx \ Lauraadriana & MsMiz = Moon Over Montana
Mael Day \ Anita = Three Months and Eleven Days
Marguerite Labbe \ Carole-Ann = Tears of the Sea
Mark Alders \ Heather C. = Pyrogasm
Megan Derr \ Nikyta = Delivery With a Smile
Michele L. Montgomery \ Tia = Tears From Above
Missy Welsh \ Trix = You and Billion Blue Tiles
MJ O'Shea \ Lori = Bridges
Monika Krasnorada \ Kerry F. = Lucky Stars
Neil Plakcy \ Calathea = Photo Booth
Nicole Dennis \ Ryan L. = Hidden Amongst the Stars
NJ Nielsen \ Mod Jason = Shadows on the Heart
PD Singer \ Thorny = The Boy Next Door
Pender Mackie \ Karen = Dog Days of Summer
Penny Brandon \ KellyJo = Wanting Jack
Pia Veleno \ Dee = Freedom's Souvenir
Piper Vaughn \ Shanna = Wanting
Poppy Dennison \ Min = Unknown
Rachel Haimowitz \ CM = Unknown
RJ Scott \ Kirsten = Got Your Six
RL Ferguson \ Celia K. = Riding for a Fall
Rory Auden \ Rossy = Bonds and Bubble Rings
Ryan Loveless \ Dianna = Twenty Years Later (Welcome Home to the Conquering Hero)
Ryssa Edwards \ Katie = Spinner
SA Garcia \ Fae = Suited
Sara Winters \ Harper B. = Starting Over
Sarah Black \ Darlene P. = Sucker Punch
Sarah Madison \ Librarian = Surf's Up
Sasha Devlin \ Brad = Stroke of Midnight
Scarlet Blackwell \ Marlene = Breaking Waves
Selah March \ LadyM = The Satyr's Lament
Serena Yates \ Ralph = Zeph's Awakening
Silvia Violet \ Patricia = Time to Tell
SJ Frost \ Mel = A Little Bit Country
SJD Peterson \ Mammarella = Innocence to the Max
Sloan Parker \ Sean C. Norris = Swept Away
Stuart Wakefield \ LC = The Elements of Love
Summer Michaels \ SueM = Lucky Boy
Taylor Law \ Melanie = Wrong Turn
Taylor V. Donovan \ Lily = Heatstroke
Tia Fielding \ Lang Ren = Hawk's Sparrow
Valentina Heart \ Damon = Plug and Engage
VJ Summers \ Blaine = Liar, Liar
William Cooper \ The Vixenne = A Ticklish Problem
Xara X. Xanakas & Lissa Kasey \ Lynn = Sink or Swim
Zach Sweets \ Wendy = Luscious Love
Zahra Owens \ MandyM = Trust
Tags: freebies, goodreads, new release

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