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*waves to you* from my spot at Goodreads as the M/M Romance Group's Author of the Month, ready for any questions or discussions you want to throw at me.

The winner of last week's free giveaway was Merith. How do you enter the draw? Come and comment at Goodreads this week and you're atomatically entered for next week's giveaway.


This week's Pondering?!

It's about all things AUDIO. One of my Carina books, Blinded by Our Eyes, has been released in audiobook at

As an author, it gives me a mix of feelings - excitement, fascination, delight, flattery, thrill that books are reaching even wider audiences.

But I have to confess, I'm less than excited about the British accents used! Do some words feel mangled in their pronunciation? Does the US-actor's effort to keep in British character slow up the delivery? And does anyone think Antony Walker *really* sounds like that? LOL

Authors often worry how much they should "write" an accent or an unusual type of speech. In True Colors, I wrote a character called Junk in the trailer park community who had a distinctive way of talkin'. But you have to be careful not to jolt the reader out of the reading flow by weird punctuation and clumsy, even if deliberate spelling. I wonder how much that's exaggerated - or enhanced! - by an audio version.

What do you think? When you're reading, do you "hear" the characters? Do you have strong ideas of how they should sound, as well as look? Do you listen to audiobooks, and do they delight you, bringing characters to life - or startle you and make your eyes roll? :)

Looking forward to hearing what you think :).

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