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Well, even though it feels crass to ask for votes, I've done it before and I'll do it again right here :). Three of my books have been nominated in the Love Romances Cafe Best of 2010 Awards. I'm very proud of the books, and thrilled and honoured to have been nominated in the first place.

There are MANY categories, and I hope lots of people vote. You have until JAN 30 to vote through Dawn's blog - all the details are below. I've also included all the links for you so you can cherry-pick the categories, or just plunge right into all of them!

I've noted which categories I'm in and will be grateful for any support for mine - but there's no expectation. There are a lot of popular books and authors there. The voting is by comment on the blog rather than a more private email or poll, but you can vote anonymously, I believe. And I sincerely hope the authors won't be trawling for "who did/didn't vote for me".

Dawn's Voting Instructions for LR Café's "Best of 2010" Awards


VOTING BEGINS JANUARY 22ND, 2011 TO JANUARY 30TH, 2011 ONLY! No early voting will be allowed or accepted. Winners to be announced on the LR Café Loop on January 31st at Noon EST.

Voting will take place on Dawn's Reading Nook Blog. Each category will have a separate post and to vote, comment your choice in the comment area.

Link to Dawn's Reading Nook Blog is HERE.

Please be aware that whoever is in the lead is NOT the winner. The reviewers for LR&M Reviews will be casting their votes as well. Just because nominee A has %% votes and you think is the winner, until I announce on January 31st who the winner is, it is NOT a final tally. DO NOT GO OFF ANNOUNCING WINNERS. That is for me to do and I will disqualify anyone who does this before the official announcement.

You have from 6 AM EST on January 22nd to Midnight January 30th to vote (EST, USA). I will not count any votes after midnight on January 30th. So make sure you let your readers know to get their votes in early enough so it counts.

Have any questions, please let me know at; NOT on the loop message board please.


Here are the links for each category, so you can support your favourite author / publisher / book:

Best Book All Around 2010

Best GBLTQ Book 2010

Best Fantasy Book

Best Thriller/Romantic Mystery Book

All other categories, vote away! :)

Best Shapeshifter Book
Best Erotic Book
Best Series 2010
Best Vampire Book
Best Book Cover 2010
Best Historical Book
Best Publisher 2010
Best Science Fiction & Futuristic Book
Best Anthology
Best BDSM Book
Best GBLTQ Author 2010
Best Paranormal Author 2010
Best Paranormal/Urban Book
Best Contemporary Book
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