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Welcome today to angelasstone, an author and blogger who has her first publication coming out in 2011 and some fiction to share with us (NOTE: NC17).


Blurb: Angela is a twenty something nurse and writer living in Central Canada. She says that she literally grew up “around a kitchen table”. Food, friends, family and good times all played a huge part in her childhood. She has been writing for as long as she can remember (if you ask very nicely she might even share her very first story with you). She is a huge fan of the classic Boy-meets-Girl Boy romance and loves to read anything she can get her hands on. Angela enjoys created characters that readers can fall in-love with and ones they want to read again and again!

She loves hearing from her readers you can e-mail her anytime at: or visit her

A year in the life...

A year, a great big entire year has passed since Clare last opened her blog to me and allowed me to post and introduce you to me and my stories.

Wow what a year it’s been.

A year ago I was sitting in a tiny apartment in northern New Brunswick (Canada!) struggling to write my blog post for her. The truth is I was struggling in all aspects of my life. Trying to finish school, and move and change my whole life. Trying to recover after an abusive relationship and trying to move on.

A year later things are so different. I’ve finished university. With flying colours despite the doubts that I couldn’t do it. I now have a Degree in nursing as well as I’m now a Registered Nurse. I have a dream job working for a visiting agency. I live in a large(ish) city with my family, a new boyfriend and spent time traveling around the world and have been writing like crazy!


My first Novel is due to come out from Phaze Books in May 2011.
Sometimes It’s Fate is a Contemporary M/M romance set in Small-town Canada. The blurb is below:

Jason McCarthy is gay. He’s also a police officer living in a small minded northern New Brunswick town where being gay could spell the end of his career. When an impending snowstorm threatens to strand his best friend and policing partner, David, Jason offers up his spare room for the night. A move that reveals Jason’s secret and changed their friendship and their lives forever.

David Richard isn’t gay at least he doesn’t think he is. He knows he loves his best friend, and he admits to feelings that had started after a tragic accident almost a year before. David acts on these feelings but it doesn’t go well. Leaving both men alone and hurt. When David’s kids are abandoned by their mother, Jason doesn’t think twice about stepping in and rescuing them. The move brings David and Jason back together but Jason’s past rears its ugly head and they both have to make difficult decisions that sometimes are best left up to fate.

Wow the novel is getting ready to start the Editing process soon (I hope anyway!!). I don’t have a cover-YET! But as soon as I do I’ll give it to Clare to stick up here :)! I’m thrilled that my first real novel has gotten picked up. I’m now working on the sequel “Boots on the Ground” which focuses on Jason and a new character Ash Cooper. It’s totally written (In my head anyway) and now I’m working on getting it all out on “paper” (aka a MS word document!!). After that I have a third novel already a few scenes written for. Plus a spin off for Ash and one for Craig who is a minor character with a major impact on Jason and David in the first novel. I also have an Idea swirling for a Het novel (No I promise I’m not sick) featuring a female character that you meet in Boots on the Ground. Yeah this will end up being a huge universe but I have so many stories for these characters!!

I’ve also got half a dozen other novels half written. I’m finding I’m not the kind of author that can solely focus on one novel finish it and move onto the next. I tend to write 4 or 5 novels at once, then when I get to a certain point in them I focus and finish several in quick succession. Different from most but it’s what works for me right??

I also have a large range of areas I write. From a sweet a fluffy romance to hard-core kink. To a Happily Never After to historical fiction. I tend to have a few common threads. Such as if my characters have a dog it’s always a Basset Hound.

I’ve also discovered I’m a series type writer. It’s really hard for me to write just ONE novel featuring the characters. One series I’m working on which is fluffy romance I’m thinking of calling it the “Professions series” as so far the books are titled “The Teacher and the Cop”, “The Doctor and the Builder” and “The Model and the Lawyer”.

The other series I’m working on is hard-core kink/ BDSM. One that is over 50% complete is titled “The Handballers Association.” Yes it’s about what you think it is about. I have another one I’m working on that isn’t titled yet but has some of the same characters. I often worry I push too many boundaries in my novels. Use too many extremes.


So! I wrote this little bit of fiction a while ago. It’s titled “Explorations” and features a favourite kink of mine...

Title: Explorations
Author: Angela S. Stone
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: M/M/M, Double Penetration.
Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, event or locales is entirely coincidental.

The note on the fridge told him that his PA, Dylan, wasn’t in for the day, which was perfect; no interruptions from work. Brett started coffee for himself and tea for Travis. It was Sunday, finally, and he had a rare day off from his engineering firm which he ran from home; his partner Travis was off for the weekend from his law practice. The coffee was almost done when Travis wandered into kitchen, naked. Brett grabbed him and pushed him against the counter.

Brett sunk to his knees. His mouth roamed over his partner before he swallowed his hard, un-cut prick. Travis groaned and his hands gripped Brett’s hair as Brett sucked and rolled his foreskin in his mouth. Brett’s hands cupped Travis’ sack, rolling the sensitive skin. He was rewarded with a throaty groan. Brett pulled back and sucked on his fingers, getting them nice and wet, then went back to working Travis over with his mouth, his fingers brushing against Travis’s entrance. When Travis nodded absently, giving his partner permission, Brett slid his fingers inside of him with only a hint of resistance, making Travis growl loudly and thrust against him.

“Brett.” Travis tugged on his hair. Brett’s response was to swallow him deep, his fingers searching for his sweet spot. The sharp intake of breath told Brett that he had found it. “Brett,” Travis said more urgently. Brett swallowed around his partner, pressing into his sweet spot, causing Travis to moan, his body contracting as hot streams of liquid shot down Brett’s throat. Brett swallowed greedily, enjoying the taste of his lover, then pulled off grinning.

Travis leaned back and laughed, nodding his head towards the door. It was only then Brett realized that Travis had been trying to tell him someone else was in the kitchen. He turned around to find Dylan staring open mouthed at the two of them, his trousers doing nothing to hide the obvious erection that had formed.

“I… Sorry,” Dylan mumbled. He dropped the bags he had in his hands onto the kitchen floor and fled back into the hall. The main door didn’t open again, so Brett assumed Dylan was in the office at the front of the maisonette.

“Well, that was interesting,” Travis commented as he pulled Brett up off of the floor. He kissed the older man soundly.

“I thought he was straight,” Brett replied. Dylan had never verbally or otherwise expressed any interest in the male gender. Brett had always assumed that although currently single, he was chasing after females on the nights that he wasn’t working. Those nights seemed to be happening less and less as Brett became busier. Brett gave up his partnership in a large firm downtown to work from home, to relax for his last fifteen years or so before his retirement. Dylan was a critical part of that plan, from organizing meetings, to doing the shopping and even reminding Brett to eat. Travis’s work meant that he travelled a lot, so it was often just Brett and their two Bassett Hounds rattling around the flat when he was gone.

Travis kissed Brett again, “So did I, maybe you should go talk to him,” he suggested. Then he glanced down, “Maybe you should get dressed first,” he added, squeezing Brett’s hard-on through the pair of tight boxer briefs.

“Yeah.” Brett followed Travis upstairs; he quickly dressed in a pair of pj pants and shirt before he went back into the kitchen, where he poured two mugs of coffee and added the appropriate amount of milk and sugar to each. He went out into the hallway and knocked on the door to the office.

It pushed open. Dylan was sitting, staring at a blank computer screen. “Dylan?”

He looked up at Brett and flushed. “Brett, I…”

“It’s ok,” Brett interrupted his apology, handing him the mug of coffee. Dylan was sitting back in his desk chair and Brett perched himself on the corner of the desk, careful not to knock over any of the neat piles of papers that covered the surface.

Dylan accepted the mug. “Still, I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to watch, it was just…” He flushed ever darker.

“Intriguing? Interesting? A turn on? All of the above?” Brett suggested.

Dylan nodded. “I’m not... I just…” he said haltingly, “I see what you and Travis have. You are so lucky. Most people, gay or straight, don’t ever find that.”

“I’m lucky Travis puts up with me.”

Dylan smiled.

“I keep wondering if I’m missing out on something,” he told Brett, fiddling with the handle of his coffee mug, “Like what if there is the perfect guy out there for me instead of a girl?”

“Are you gay?” Brett asked bluntly.

Dylan was taken back, but then slowly shook his head no. “Just… Open - willing to experience, I think.” He stopped, then said, “Wanting to experience, to make sure I’m not missing out on anything."

Brett nodded and left the conversation at that.

That had all taken place three weeks ago; in the meantime, Travis had cornered Dylan and talked to him as well.

Travis was better at that sort of thing and he had gotten far more information than Brett ever could. Dylan wanted to have sex. More specifically, he wanted to have sex with Brett and Travis. Dylan had confessed that he trusted Brett and Travis implicitly and he knew that they would make his first time special. Brett was rather chuffed that Dylan trusted him, trusted them, enough to have that conversation, even if it was only hypothetical.

There were so many more elements to having a threesome than just adding in a third person. First they had to make sure that they were ok, secure in their relationship. And they were. It was shocking to admit, but it was the first time that they had even considered engaging in a threesome. They had done partner switches before with another lawyer from Travis’s firm, but this was the first time there was a third person for them to focus all of their attention on.

Brett was excited by the prospect, so much so that Travis took him over the back of the couch just minutes before Dylan was due to arrive. It was a quick, hard fuck to get the need out of their systems so that they could focus on Dylan when he arrived. He was due any moment. Brett had made dinner; if it was anything more complicated than fish sticks out of a box, Travis was rather hopeless - so the plan was dinner and wine and to see where it led them.

The door bell sounded and two dogs looked up from the chairs, where they had been dozing. They both howled loudly, their short legs scrabbling to gain footing on the hardwood floors as they ran to the door. Brett answered it, holding the dogs back with his foot.

“Did you forget your keys?” he asked, pulling the dogs back to allow Dylan to enter into the front hall. They both barked loudly. “Sally! Horton!” Brett scolded. Dylan reached down and petted both of them; satisfied that it was someone they knew, they both disappeared back into the flat, probably looking for treats from Travis.

“Just felt right to ring the doorbell,” Dylan replied with a smile. Brett nodded in understanding; Dylan wanted to be accepted into the house as a friend and not as an employee. That has been the biggest hang-up for them. Dylan, although a friend, was still an employee.

The partner switches they had done had always involved Brett sleeping with Travis’s co-worker, and his partner sleeping with Travis. It had taken a lot of conversation on all of their parts before they felt comfortable to just take it however it came. Right now, Dylan was their friend before anything else and no matter what happened, they were all mature enough to honour that fact.

Brett invited him into the living room. Travis called from the kitchen, asking if they wanted wine; they did. Brett appeared a few moments later carrying three glasses and kicked the dogs off the chairs. They growled before settling on the bed in front of the gas fireplace. Brett took the chair, allowing Dylan and Travis to take the couch.

Dylan was very attractive, and if Brett was totally honest with himself that was part of the reason he hired him. He had floppy brown hair, long enough to run your fingers through, and brilliant green eyes. He was about six feet tall and was in excellent shape. Dylan was twelve years younger than Brett and ten years younger than Travis. Not that that mattered, though; Brett always had a thing for younger men.

Travis handed Brett a glass before dropping himself next to Dylan on the couch. Dylan accepted the glass and proceeded to all but chug the wine. Travis stopped him and took the almost empty glass from him, setting it on the coffee table. “If you can’t do this mostly sober, we’re not going to do this at all.”

“I know. I’m just…” He stopped and licked his lips.

“Nervous?” Travis supplied. Dylan nodded. Travis reached over and gave his arm a squeeze. “That’s ok. I’d be a bit worried if you weren't nervous. Just know that we’ll take this slow - at your speed - and we’ll only go as far as you want.”

Dylan smiled a small smile. God, Travis was so good at this, gently loving - caring. This isn’t about us doing a wham bam thank you ma’am. This is a slow, thorough romp that hopefully will leave all three men thoroughly satisfied. “Can I ask a question?” Dylan said nervously.

“Of course,” Travis replied.

Dylan glanced nervously from Brett back to Travis and hesitantly asked, “Can I kiss you?”

The smallest smirk formed at the corner of Travis’ mouth, “Of course.” Dylan looked back at Brett for permission. Brett gave a small nod of his head. Dylan tucked one leg up and turned to face Travis. He leaned forwards and pressed his lips to Travis’. Travis waited as Dylan slowly opened his mouth, inviting him in for a much deeper kiss. Travis’ hand went to Dylan’s shoulder, pulling him in just a bit tighter. Dylan made a soft noise; his arms went around Travis, pulling him very close. Travis went willingly, allowing Dylan to explore his body at his own pace.

Travis’ hands automatically went to stroke Dylan through his trousers; the younger man jumped back and blushed. “Sorry,” he mumbled, flushing slightly.

“It’s alright.” Travis ran a knuckle down the side of Dylan’s face. Dylan smiled and leaned in, capturing Travis’ lips again for a kiss before he pulled away. Dylan looked over his shoulder at Brett and raised an eyebrow. His invitation was clear. Travis shifted over as did Dylan, making room for Brett on the couch. Dylan was in the middle as Brett settled next to him. He leaned down and captured Dylan’s lips. Dylan tasted like wine and a bit like Travis, and something else; something new, something exciting. Dylan hesitantly ran his fingers over Brett’s chest; he groaned as they ghosted over his nipples.

Dylan tugged the polo shirt from the waistband of Brett’s jeans; his hand slid underneath, trailing upwards. He pinched Brett’s nipples, which caused Brett to gasp loudly. Dylan jumped back as though he had been bitten. “I… sorry, did I hurt you?” A quick glance at Travis showed Brett the humour in his eyes.

“No you didn‘t,” Brett assured him. “It was quiet nice.”

Travis let out a low and husky laugh. “Brett likes it a bit rougher at times,” he told Dylan, kissing his neck. “Don’t worry. Just do what feels right.”

Dylan swallowed, nodding his head. Travis leaned in and captured Dylan’s lips; he closed his eyes, drawing Dylan further into the kiss, his arms around the younger man, encouraging him to touch and to feel. Brett pressed against Dylan’s back, his hands threaded under Dylan’s shirt. He pulled it off and tossed it aside. Dylan broke the kiss and turned to face Brett. Travis smiled; his fingers rubbed against Dylan’s nipples as he and Brett hungrily kissed. Dylan growled and fell back so that he was leaning against the cushions of the couch; Brett continued to kiss him and Travis’s mouth replaced his fingers as he trailed lower.

Dylan’s hands tugged at Brett’s shirt and he tossed it off. Brett sat back for a moment and Dylan smirked, enjoying his sculpted body and his obvious attraction, pressed against Dylan’s thigh. Dylan tugged on Travis’ shirt. He sat up and pulled it off. Dylan grinned and leaned forward, taking one of Travis’ nipples into his mouth; Travis groaned and his fingers snaked through Dylan’s long hair.

Brett caught his partner’s eye and they exchanged a nod, having a complete conversation without uttering a word.

“Dylan,” Brett said gently, pulling him away from Travis and towards him. His lips were dark and puffy, his eyes slightly out of focus and his breath coming in small spurts. Brett couldn’t resist kissing him before he said, “Why don’t we move this to the bedroom?”

Dylan paused and stuttered, “What about dinner?”

Travis grinned. “What about dinner?”

“Shouldn’t we…” Dylan trailed off and glanced towards the kitchen.

“We don’t have to do anything,” Brett growled before kissing Dylan again.

“Let’s go to the bedroom,” Travis told him as he gracefully slid off of the couch, pulling Dylan along.

“I’ll be right there.” Brett dashed into the kitchen and turned the roast down. It would keep until later.

The dogs were lying outside the bedroom door; they both looked up at Brett and “humphed” softly before laying back down and going to sleep. Brett stepped over them and let himself into the bedroom. He groaned at the sight that greeted him; Dylan had Travis pinned against the door to the loo, one hand down his trousers clearly stroking him. Travis’ hands kneaded Dylan’s firm arse as they fervently kissed each other.

Travis looked over Dylan’s shoulder and nodded, inviting Brett to join them. Brett did so, wrapping his arms around Dylan. He pressed a kiss to the back of his neck, his hands going to Dylan’s belt and undoing it with practiced ease, his hands sliding inside to stroke him.

Dylan moaned loudly. Brett smiled and leaned forward, capturing Travis’s lips. Dylan was crushed between the two older men as they kissed and he whined as Brett rolled his foreskin with his fingers. “Like that?” Brett asked, breaking his kiss with Travis.

“Oh god yes,” Dylan replied enthusiastically.

“Let’s move this to the bed,” Travis suggested.

“Great idea,” Brett’s hand slipped from Dylan’s trousers before Dylan kicked them off, leaving just his boxers on.

Travis kicked off his trousers as well and pulled Dylan to the bed. Dylan fell back onto the pillows and Travis crawled onto the bed next to him; they kissed as Brett joined them. They moved over and invited him into their kiss. It was a bit awkward, kissing two people at once but it felt amazing. Brett’s hands trailed lower and rubbed against the band of Dylan’s boxers. “Can I take these off?”

“You first,” Dylan grinned.

Brett slid off of the bed as he undid the button and the zip on his jeans. He pushed them and his boxer briefs off. Dylan groaned when Brett’s cock came into full view.

Travis laughed, deep and low. “I told you he was fucking huge.”

“Oh god,” Dylan groaned as Brett re-joined them on the bed. Brett pressed his groin against Dylan’s hip, showing the younger man just how much he wanted him. As they kissed, Travis moved off the bed. He pulled his boxer briefs off and Dylan groaned again. Travis, although not as large as Brett, was still very well endowed.

Travis climbed back onto the bed; his hands immediately went to Dylan’s boxers and slipped beneath. Dylan lifted his hips and Travis pulled his boxers away; Brett’s mouth immediately went to Dylan, inhaling the male musk before swallowing him. Dylan whimpered against Travis’ lips as Brett’s skilled mouth deftly worked over every inch of him. Travis left Dylan’s lips and trailed lower. He paused to pay homage to his nipples before making a blazing trail to Dylan’s cock.

Travis kissed Brett before he took over for him, while Brett went lower, licking and sucking Dylan’s sac. Dylan growled loudly as the two men worked over his body. Brett rolled away for a second and returned with a bottle of lube and a strip of condoms.

Travis took the bottle from Brett. He pressed one last kiss to the tip of Dylan’s cock before Brett went back to sucking Dylan off. Travis coated his fingers and allowed his hand to trail lower, gently petting against Dylan’s entrance. He carefully watched the younger man as he gently pressed a finger inside of him.

Dylan whimpered slightly and Travis waited; he could feel Dylan’s body contracting around his finger. Brett, for his part, was deep throating Dylan, his hand rolling his sac.

“Oh FUCK!” Dylan called out as Travis found his sweet spot. “Oh god, what is that?” he asked, moving his hips, trying to recreate the feeling.

“That?” Travis asked, winking at Brett.

“Yes, god yes, THAT,” Dylan responded enthusiastically as Travis pressed into him again.

Brett stopped sucking his cock; he moved up Dylan’s body, stopping to kiss and nibble at his nipples. “That,” Brett said between small kisses “Is. Your. Prostate.”

“You think my fingers are good, wait until you feel a cock inside of you,” Travis said before he went back to sucking Dylan off while his fingers worked him over; he added another and received a throaty moan from Dylan in return.

Brett guided Dylan’s hand to his own prick. “That’s it,” he coached as Dylan immediately started stroking him.

“Who do you want to fuck you?” Travis asked, kissing his hip.

Dylan glanced from Travis to Brett. He squeezed Brett’s prick. “I want Brett.”

Travis smiled, “I don’t blame you.” Travis pressed his fingers one last time against Dylan’s sweet spot before he let them slip from his body.

Travis moved up to the head of the bed. He kissed Dylan before picking up the strip of condoms, ripped off a packet and tossed it at Brett. Brett caught it and winked at Travis.

Travis pulled Dylan on top of him; he went willingly and they kissed as Brett tore the condom open, rolled it over his hard member and liberally coated it with lube. His fingers slid back inside Dylan, reassuring himself that he was ready.

“You control the pace,” Travis reminded him between kisses. “If you say stop, Brett will stop.”

“Remember to keep breathing,” Brett added as his fingers slipped out.

“And push out as Brett is pushing in - that helps.”

Dylan nodded, his head swimming. “Relax,” Brett coached as he started to press inside of Dylan.

Travis groaned as he watched the concentration on his partner’s face. Brett was truly beautiful, with his dark hair, dark skin and olive eyes. Dylan pressed his face into Travis’ chest, his breath coming in short pants. Brett was a couple of inches in when Travis nodded for him to take a break.

Brett’s hands went to Dylan’s back, rubbing soothing circles. Travis slid backwards on the bed, sitting up so that Dylan was resting against his stomach. “You doing alright?” Travis’s fingers ran through Dylan's hair.

“It burns,” Dylan admitted. Brett added more lube which soothed it slightly.

“Ready for more?” Travis asked. Dylan nodded; he gripped Travis’ waist

Brett was just over halfway in when Dylan started to arch away from him.

“Easy,” Brett told him, his hands rubbing soothing circles as he waited for Dylan to adjust to his size.

“You’re huge,” Dylan gasped, trying to control his breathing.

“I know.” Brett smirked and caught Travis’ eye. He held the gaze as he sunk even further into Dylan. The younger man whimpered and groaned as Brett slid fully into place.

Travis’ hands worked over Dylan’s back, helping him to stay relaxed. All the while he was watching Brett. Brett started to slowly move his hips; he watched as Travis’ smirk grew larger. Dylan went from small noises to loud, broad moans as Brett slowly and thoroughly fucked him. Brett watched Travis’ face carefully. His blond hair and striking blue eyes were the exact opposite of Brett’s.

Travis could tell that Brett was getting close based on his breathing. “You are so tight,” Brett told Dylan, his breath coming in short gasps. “I’m so close.”

Dylan nodded his head, giving Brett permission; Brett threw his head back and shouted as he filled the condom. He collapsed against Dylan, waiting, letting his breathing slow before he slowly withdrew from Dylan and flopped to one side. Dylan moved off of Travis and over to Brett, kissing him soundly.

“That was hot,” Dylan told him. He pressed his still hard cock against Brett’s hip.

Brett smiled, “It was and I think Travis wants you.” It was true. Travis had reached for the lube and the condoms; his hands went to Dylan, preparing him, rolling the rubber down over his decent sized cock. Travis laid back and beckoned Dylan to him. Dylan crawled between Travis’ legs.

Dylan glanced back at Brett. “Go on,” Brett encouraged him. He wanted to watch Travis’ face as he came.

Travis guided Dylan inside of him. Travis wasn’t big on prep, he’d rather feel the cock stretching him than a couple of fingers. It didn’t take much work for Dylan to be inside him and it only took a couple of thrusts for them to fall into an easy rhythm. Brett watched as his partner writhed in ecstasy; part of him felt a bit jealous until Travis turned his head and looked directly at him. Travis closed his eyes each time Dylan thrust into him, but other than that he didn’t break their gaze.

Brett moved closer, whispering in Travis’ ear, telling him how hot he looked and how much he loved watching him.

Dylan’s thrusts increased to a fervent pace. Brett caught Dylan’s lips and they hungrily kissed, then he pulled back and watched them again. Brett could tell by their breathing and the way Travis moaned that he was close.

Like before, it wasn’t about Travis and Dylan or Brett and Dylan, it was about Brett and Travis. He watched as his partner tumbled over the edge, gasping another man’s name.

Dylan shouted too, pumping his hips wildly. He took a shuddering breath and collapsed onto Travis’ chest.

“That was amazing,” Dylan said, pulling out of Travis; he rolled to one side and pulled off the condom, tied it off and tossed it in the general direction of the waste basket.

Travis nodded and then grinned at Brett. Brett pulled him closer and they kissed, long and slow, reaffirming to each other that they were ok. Dylan sat back and watched; Brett and Travis were amazing together, he was so glad that he got to share in this part of their relationship.

Travis reached down and squeezed Brett’s re-hardened cock. “Got a bit excited watching?” he asked with a grin.

Brett nodded. “Well, it was hot.”

Travis smiled and kissed Brett one last time. “You know, since you’re hard and I doubt it would take Dylan long to recover,” Travis winked at Dylan, “Why don’t we try out that fantasy of mine?”

Brett let out a low, feral groan. “You mean…?”

“Uh-huh.” Both men turned and grinned at Dylan. Travis licked his lips. “I was thinking,” he told Dylan, moving across the bed to lie next to him, “That I would love to have both you and Brett inside me at the same time, what do you think about that?”

“You mean like both of us fucking you?” Travis nodded, biting his bottom lip.
“How does that work?”

Brett smiled. “Come here.” He beckoned the younger man towards him. “Lay down on your back. Travis is going to suck your cock while I get him ready.” Dylan moved so he was lying in the middle of the bed. Travis got on his hands and knees between Dylan’s legs and automatically started sucking Dylan’s prick.

Brett positioned himself behind Travis, sliding into his partner with practiced ease. Travis groaned around Dylan’s cock. Brett gently fucked his tight arse a couple of times before he added a finger.

“More,” Travis demanded. Brett added a second finger as he pulled on the tight muscle, stretching it out.

Dylan’s hands were in Travis’ hair, his hips thrusting upwards as Travis took a face fucking from him. Brett grinned and pounded into Travis harder as he added a third finger. Travis loudly growled around Dylan, telling Brett just how much he was enjoying this.

Travis pulled off of Dylan’s cock. “I’m ready, I’m ready,” he panted. Brett gave him one last, hard thrust before he slipped from his partner. Travis reached over and ripped open a foil packet, sat up and rolled the condom down over Dylan’s now rock hard prick.

Brett reached and grabbed a condom as well, rolling it onto his hard member. Travis moved so that he had one knee on either side of Dylan’s hips. He grabbed the base of Dylan’s cock and guided it to his opening. Dylan sighed as he slowly sank into Travis. His hands went to the older man’s waist, guiding him as he bounced along. Brett watched for a minute before he moved so that he was kneeling behind Travis.

Travis bent forward, his arms braced on either side of Dylan. He took a few slow, deep breaths, preparing him for Brett, then nodded his head ever so slightly. Brett leaned forward and started to press into Travis.

Travis’ eyes were closed, his lips pressed tightly together. Dylan watched as he walked that fine line between pain and exquisite pleasure. He was amazed at how it felt, hot and warm, and tight. God, Travis’ arse was tight; having Brett’s cock pressed in against his made it even more so. He moaned at the same time Travis did as Brett sunk fully into place. Brett stayed still, not moving until Travis gave him silent permission. Dylan didn’t move as Brett started to thrust into Travis; he didn’t need to. Instead, Dylan laid back and watched as his two temporary lovers made love to each other.

Brett reached around Travis and pulled him backwards so that his chest was flush with Travis’ back. Dylan hissed as the change in position sent bursts of pleasure shooting through his body. Brett’s strong arms wrapped around Travis’ chest and stomach, holding him as Brett moved. He turned his head enough to capture Brett’s lips and they shared a heated kiss; Dylan smiled as he watched. Travis reached back and clung to Brett, whispering how good it felt and how full he was.

Dylan reached up and started stroking Travis’ prick, causing the older man to growl even louder.

“That’s it,” Brett coaxed. “That’s it, come for me, Travis.” Travis’ head fell forward. Brett took over stroking him and Dylan focused on thrusting his hips upwards, driving them all towards an orgasm. “That’s it.” Travis shouted and bucked wildly. He fiercely kissed Brett as he shot his sticky seed all over Dylan. Dylan whimpered loudly as his own release overtook him. He thrust his hips upwards, meeting Brett’s own thrusts. Brett sighed and rested his head on Travis’ back as he filled his own condom, then they both collapsed forward onto Dylan.

Travis captured Dylan’s mouth and moaned into it as Brett pulled out. They kissed for a few moments while Brett got rid of his condom, then Travis rolled off of Dylan, sighing at the loss of Dylan’s now softened prick. Travis kissed Brett soundly before Dylan rejoined them. This time it was Travis in the middle as they shared a three-way kiss.

They took their time as they came down from the high of their orgasm and the amazing sex they’d just had.

“We should get cleaned up,” Travis suggested finally. He pulled Brett and Dylan out of bed and into the bathroom. Thanks to Brett’s connections, they had gotten an architect to redesign their flat a couple of years ago; he magically found enough space in their tiny bathroom for a walk in shower with four heads.

Brett turned the shower on, and waited for it to reach the right temperature before they stepped in. They quickly soaped up, Dylan pressed between Brett and Travis; the two older men took their time, solely focusing on Dylan. It didn’t take long before Dylan threw his head back and shouted as his third orgasm of the night overtook him. They kissed one last time before they rinsed off and stepped out of the shower. Travis tossed towels at Brett and Dylan. Each man dried off before they pulled on their underwear and went into the kitchen. Travis opened another bottle of wine and Brett dished up the roast.

It was half ten but they all ate with gusto. Afterwards, Dylan got dressed and left, but not before thoroughly kissing both men and thanking them.

Sally mournfully trooped into the hallway after Dylan left, her tail thumping on the floor. She clearly expected to be taken for a walk. “Come on, let’s take them,” Travis said, pulling Brett upstairs. They went back into the bedroom and got dressed. The night was cold and once they were dressed properly, Brett called for the dogs to come and get their sweaters on.

Brett dressed Horton in a Blue sweater while Travis dressed Sally in a matching lavender one; their names were embroidered on the back.

They took the dogs for a brisk walk, holding hands when their Bassets allowed them to, which wasn’t very often. Once they got back, the dogs got put out for their night-time wees. When they came back inside, Travis gave them night-time treats; satisfied, they both curled onto chairs opposite the fireplace and went to sleep.

Brett pulled Travis upstairs, where they fell into bed. “I love you,” Travis told Brett moments before he entered him.

“I love you too.”

They made love softly, reaffirming their connection; afterwards, Brett whispered, “I’m not sure if I want to do that again.”

“What, make love to me?” Travis asked, bumping his nose against Brett’s.

“No, watch you be with someone else. I was jealous,” Brett admitted.

“I was too; I thought it would all be about Dylan.”

Brett nodded. “So did I, but it ended up being about us.”

Travis kissed him again. “I think Dylan knew that though, he seemed to be ok with it.”

Brett nodded.

“And thank you.”

“For what?” Brett asked, his hands gently running over Travis’ body.

“For making my fantasy come true.” Brett smiled and kissed his partner one last time before they curled up together and simply went to sleep.


Uhhh yeah YUM!! Lol!! I hope you all enjoyed this!! As much as I enjoyed writing it!!! Make sure you pop over to my Blog for Six Sentence Sunday! And don’t forget! "Sometimes It’s Fate" is coming out in May 2011!!




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JAN 01: A huge selection of delicious m/m icons from luscious_words.
JAN 02: Why I want to be a Bond villain! by chrissymunder.
JAN 03: Consider the world of inspiration between 'historical' and 'contemporary' with stevie_carroll.
JAN 04: Some fascinating Swedish proverbs and their amusing translations, from 1more_sickpuppy.


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