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My first contribution to FREE prompt fiction this month...ENJOY!

WARNING: NC17 rated beneath the cut

A Sparks Fly New Year's Resolution

Nic stirred restlessly on his bed under the quilt. The morning light slid across his face, teasing at his flickering eyelids, but he resisted opening them just yet. There was a gentle throbbing at the nape of his neck that he’d come to associate in the past with the morning after a heavy night out. Nic Gerrard, charisma and cachet, cheek by cheek, the tabloids described him. The playboy who plays hard! Or so they used to say, in the past. Nowadays he wasn’t found at as many parties as before; had less time for the hangers-on and the hopeful young models. The paparazzi was finding it more familiar – though maybe less scandalous – to report on his business successes. His famous dating agency Sparks; his diversification into lifestyle learning; his recent development of a comprehensive website resource for young adults.

Nic smiled in his half-sleep. And what would the headline be, if they found him here, right now? Though it wasn’t like he cared – the tabloid attention was just a lurid dream for him nowadays. He stretched out under the sheets, languorously. He wanted to sleep some more…

But he was too damned hot. The heating in the apartment was on an automatic timer that he never remembered to adjust when he was home. Also, the housekeeping service issued all quilts in a warmer rating as soon as October opened, and they didn’t move back to something lighter until May. The down was luxuriously thick, enveloping him, tucking itself under his hips and thighs. When he dreamed, everything happened under a deep fall of snow, or rolled up in cotton candy. Still half-asleep, the thought of something that sweet, soft and thick tickled at his taste buds. The rush of sensual pleasure made his flesh shiver and his cock stir hopefully against his thigh.

He kicked at the edge of the quilt, untangling an arm and a leg from under it. There was a grunt from somewhere near, but the sound barely registered. Nic huffed out a sigh and rolled over on to his belly, flinging an arm out across the bed.

“Hey!” The lump under the covers beside him grunted again, as Nic’s arm landed heavily on top of it. Nic tightened his grasp instinctively and felt the human shape wriggle beneath him.

His cock stirred way more than hopefully.

“’S morning,” he murmured. After all, he wasn’t up to much more intelligent conversation, this early in the day.

“So get up,” muttered the man beside him. From the muffled sound of it, he had his face buried in his pillow, but the irritated words were still clear.

Something already is, thought Nic, smirking to himself. His cock swelled gently and he rubbed it against the smooth linen covers, hungrily tracing the shape of the other man’s hip. He opened his eyes halfway and he could see the shock of messy dark hair sticking up from under the quilt.


Nic’s whole body came alive, the sensation running across his skin like warm goose bumps. “’S you,” he whispered, letting his delight spill out into his voice.

“Idiot,” muttered the other voice, though it sounded less irritated now. “Of course it’s me. Been here all night.” Aidan wriggled again, trying to escape from the covers and Nic’s grip.

“Hush.” Nic moved too, but closer to Aidan’s body, pressing against his back. “You don’t do this often enough, I’m just checking to make sure.”

Aidan made a snorting sound, half way between protest and amusement. “Nic, let me…”

“Don’t fight me, Aidan West,” Nic grumbled. “I have a brute of a headache over here. Did we have a good time last night?”

Aidan made another sound, this time suspiciously like a chuckle. “You did. Too much champagne. The New Year’s Eve staff party for Sparks, remember? Money no object, you said, food and drink for all, you said.”

Nic groaned.

“Don’t groan. No sympathy. It’s self-inflicted. You and Charlie had some drinking game going on.”

Nic wrinkled his nose, annoyed at himself. He drank much less nowadays, partly because he was too busy, partly because he’d grown tired of how it got in the way of his concentration and enjoyment of things. Partly, of course, because Aidan hardly drank at all. But he’d been so excited to see how well the company was doing since going public, so keen to pass thanks on to the staff, so astonished to find Aidan beside him, smiling and joining in…

Oh God. Aidan. Smiling. So damned sexy.

Nic groaned again. “Am I remembering right? I did… that?”


Nic frowned. “Now you’re pissing me off. You know damned well what I mean.” He nudged his body against Aidan’s, more fiercely.

Aidan grunted. “You mean, pushing me into the restroom cubicle at the office and sucking me off?”

Nic felt the shiver all over his body. Maybe it was a wash of shame, maybe it was… arousal. Excitement and amusement flickered to life in his gut. “Did I really?”

“You can’t remember?” Aidan shifted under the covers, turning so that Nic could see his profile. He wasn’t smiling.

Nic blinked hard and swallowed his grin. “I remember I wanted to. You wanted me to, didn’t you? I waited all damned night until people went home and the place was virtually empty.” He tried to concentrate on all the details, but Aidan’s face was close to his, the skin warm and flushed with sleep. It was all very distracting. “I can remember kneeling on the tiles. I can remember unzipping you. Then I recall laughing and you telling me to shut the hell up or the cleaners would find us. The rest is a bit of a blur…”

“Nic, you’re impossible.” Aidan pushed down the covers, releasing his upper body, rising up on his elbows as if to challenge Nic. “Do you know how damned unflattering that is?”

Nic leaned forward and kissed him, hard. He pressed his mouth on to Aidan’s, quickly capturing the protest. He thrust his tongue in, tasting the sleepy saliva, the slightly dry lips of his lover. One good side-effect of Aidan not drinking or smoking was that he rarely had that stale morning breath.

Like I have. Nic tensed, frowning.

“It’s good. You’re good.” Maybe Aidan guessed what he was thinking. His voice was low, a little rough. “Come here.”

His hand tangled into Nic’s hair, pulling him closer. Nic’s tongue went deeper into his lover’s mouth. Aidan rolled over, kicking the sheets off at his feet. His arms met around Nic’s body, holding him tightly. Skin touched skin; nerves quivered. Nic’s cock swelled to a painful hardness, like an internal switch had suddenly been turned on.

He broke away from Aidan’s mouth, panting gently. “Ahh… that’s better.” He grinned with mischief. “Now I remember a lot more. Like your thighs tensing up when you came, and the echo of that sexy moaning sound in the back of your throat, bouncing off the cubicle walls. You were desperate, I reckon, you nearly pulled out a chunk of my hair, dragging my mouth down over your cock. And it tasted good.” He loved the way Aidan’s eyes opened wide like that. “Really good. Salty skin, hot come. Dammit, I think I also tasted some of the bubbles from the champagne.”

“Bastard. Damned good thing I’m still half asleep.” Aidan snorted again, half-laughing, and for a moment they tussled together, the sheets tangling awkwardly around their legs. Then Nic got in a lucky push and rolled Aidan over on to his belly. Aidan wasn’t a small man, and was as strong as Nic if not stronger, but Nic loved the feel of his surrender, knowing that Aidan granted him that. Aidan’s limbs were spread out underneath him, his hands groping behind his back to grab at Nic, but failing. Nic still felt the caress of Aidan’s breath against his jaw, could still taste Aidan’s tongue, from when he’d kissed him.

Nic leant over, his knee between Aidan’s thighs, his cock pressed against the clenched buttocks. He bit back the whimpering sound that was trying to escape from his mouth. So damned undignified.

“Nic, do it,” muttered Aidan, his voice muffled, his face back against the pillow. “Yes.”

God, yes.” Nic sighed. He gripped Aidan’s hips and pulled them up towards him, the sheets crumpling up underneath them both. Reaching over to the nightstand, he snagged the lube he’d left there. His hands were shaking with excitement. As he squeezed some out on to his palm, the bottle dropped out of his hand on to the mattress beside them. He cursed, half under his breath.

“Nic?” Aidan was gasping underneath him, just as eager.

Nic let out a soft, soothing breath. He ran his hands over Aidan’s warm skin, tracing the dips of the muscles in Aidan’s buttocks with his thumbs. He sucked a couple of fingers into his mouth, wetting them, then slowly slid a finger into Aidan’s ass to prep him. The flesh quivered: the pucker tightened around him and Aidan sucked in a breath. Nic knew he was concentrating on relaxing the muscles.

It was such a damned treat, taking Aidan like this. Although they changed around quite often, it was still more common for Nic to be bottom. Now his cock was heavy and hot, jutting out from his groin, nudging hungrily against Aidan’s hip. He wanted to laugh: words caught in his suddenly dry throat. It was like this, every time he and Aidan made love – he found himself thrilled and shocked and ecstatic, all in a strange, consuming mixture.

Aidan jerked his hips up impatiently, signifying he was ready, but Nic was reluctant to rush it. Even so, his body demanded he hurry. The lube slithered between his fingers as he slicked his cock. He tried to warm the cool gel, not wanting to startle Aidan when he fucked him. Not for the first time, he thanked God they didn’t need to use condoms any more. It was a fantastic feeling, his cock inside Aidan’s ass, though sometimes the excitement made him clumsy, like now, when he reckoned he’d got more lube on his hand than his dick, his palm all slippery and a stray spot of it dribbling up his arm…

Nic? Too much thinking.”

Nic chuckled, took a deep breath and pushed into his lover.

Aidan groaned and the muscles across his back tightened.

Nic halted. “God, I don’t…”

“It’s fine,” Aidan interrupted quickly. He sounded breathless but excited. “Dammit Nic, I’m fine.” He reached a hand back and covered one of Nic’s, where Nic gripped his hips. “I’m very fine.” He dropped his hand back on the mattress to balance the other one and he braced himself.

Nic smiled. He drew back a little, then pushed back into Aidan’s ass. They shared a gasp, and Aidan arched up to welcome Nic in deeper.

“Happy New Year,” Nic groaned, his words jerking on his out breath. “Hell of a way to celebrate.”

Aidan laughed breathlessly. “I don’t.”


“Celebrate. Christmas, New Year. Whatever.” He gasped. “It’s just a day.” Pushing back hard against Nic, he started to grind against him. “But this is a hell of way, any day.”

Nic laughed raggedly. He leant over Aidan as they rocked together. He couldn’t see Aidan’s face but he could feel his lover’s body molding itself to him, Aidan’s movements matching his own rhythm, Aidan’s breath panting along with his own. Nic’s belly pressed against the small of Aidan’s back, the warm skin there softened by sleep and stimulating him with its familiar intimacy.

“Damned right,” he whispered in Aidan’s ear. “This is good for any day, all year. Every year.” The ecstasy was uncoiling in his groin, his nerves tingling with pure delight. Seemed he had less control over himself now he and Aidan were together, rather than more. What was that all about? He smiled to himself, bemused yet happy with it. He slid in and out slowly, but each thrust pushed him in deep, so that Aidan jerked underneath him and his ass clenched around Nic’s cock. “Beautiful.” Nic barely registered his own words, just knew he needed to express his pleasure somehow. “Soon. God. Hot. I’m… oh God, yes.” He knew Aidan would hear his fractured speech and tease him about it later, but he couldn’t care less. This was always magnificent, but especially poignant in the morning, when his limbs were relaxed and his libido so eager. The muscles tightened across his belly and a shudder of desire ran down his spine.

Aidan shifted, balancing on one arm again and pumping his cock, gently but firmly. Nic slid a hand down under Aidan’s belly but Aidan pushed it back. “Leave me,” he grunted. “Just… you. Just for you. I’m…” Then he suddenly tensed up under Nic and cried out. His head jerked back into the crook of Nic’s neck, and he climaxed, his ass tightening fiercely around Nic’s cock.

Under his hands, Nic felt the muscles of Aidan’s torso constricting. He watched his lover’s neck stretching and baring, his throat swallowing hard.

Fuck,” Nic whispered, shocked as the wave of enjoyment hit him, too. And he came, his cock swelling even further and his head swimming from the rush. He thrust up hard against Aidan’s ass, digging his fingers into Aidan’s pale skin, trying to anchor himself as his legs shook and weakened.

They were poised there for a long moment, Aidan’s back arched up under Nic’s torso, Nic gasping with satisfaction and holding the pair of them clasped together. Then their muscles relaxed and Aidan collapsed down on the bed. Nic rolled off him to the side, dropping on to his back. They lay there, panting shallowly, Nic listening to the slightly hoarser tone of Aidan’s breath.

Aidan wriggled over on to his back. “Sticky,” he said. He shifted his legs apart and grunted. “Everywhere, dammit.”

“Want a cloth? Tissues?” Nic started fumbling on the nightstand.

“No problem. I can shower in a minute. Just makes a mess of the sheets.”

“You know, there’s –”

“- housekeeping. Yeah, so you keep telling me.” Aidan yawned, slowly and comfortably. He reached out a hand and laid it on Nic’s thigh. “Maybe not Happy New Year, but good morning.”

Nic laughed. Everything’s good.

“How’s the headache?” Aidan murmured.

Nic marveled at how easy Aidan’s tone was, how chilled. “What headache?” He nudged his hip against Aidan’s. “Patent that cure and people will give you a million for it.”

Aidan snorted. “No good. I keep the secret ingredient to myself. Available only through selected outlets, and only in stores near…”

Me,” Nic whispered, and leaned back over to kiss Aidan.

“Yes.” Aidan’s tongue flickered into his mouth, Nic could still feel the hunger in his kiss. “Yes.”

“Next year, that’s what I’ll ask for.” Nic laughed. “I’ll take a couple of boxes.”

Aidan’s eyes suddenly darkened and he drew back. “You can have anything I have, whenever you want. But there’s only what you see. I don’t have anything else to offer.”

Shit. Nic felt the tension in Aidan’s body, the skin warm yet taut against his own. How the hell did he manage to misjudge his jokes quite so spectacularly? Mind you, it wasn’t difficult with Aidan. Sometimes, just being with the man made a minefield look like a kid’s playground. Hadn’t it always been that way? When he first admitted he was attracted to Aidan, it seemed everything he said and did – in fact, everything he was – was wrong, as far as Aidan was concerned. Okay, so a lot of that had come from Aidan’s own prejudice. Also, both of them showed some pretty rampant short-sightedness. Neither had been any good at seeking a relationship. Nic smiled to himself, ruefully. He was the guy with the amazing new dating program, yet he’d been the guy who couldn’t find anything rewarding for himself. Ironic, eh?

But now…

He ran his hand down Aidan’s arm, watching the goose bumps spring up in its wake. Nic knew he was smart and he knew he was successful in many fields, but what good had all that been, faced with Aidan West? Nic had learned a hell of a lot more in the months he and Aidan had been together. Like what? Like how to choose his words with more care than before; to rein in his excessive lifestyle; to remember he had another person to think of, apart from himself. Hell, he wouldn’t have it any other way. But wasn’t he allowed the occasional moan? It had all been a damned sight harder than most of his corporate duties.

“That wasn’t serious, Aidan.” He spoke quietly, but firmly. “It wasn’t a dig at the gifts thing.”

Aidan frowned. “I know. Sorry.” His laugh sounded a little forced. “If there is anything you want…”

Nic sighed and rolled back, staring at the ceiling. “We said no gifts at birthdays or holidays, remember? Yeah, we can both afford it, but it’s not like either of us needs anything. Besides, you think I’d know what to get you?”

Aidan smiled slowly. “You’re the guy who has everything already.”

“And you,” murmured Nic, “are the guy who never asks for anything. We’re both a challenge in the gifts department, aren’t we?” He shifted on the mattress and grimaced. “Wet spot, ugh. I tell you, man, I’m taking the shower first.”

“Wait a while.” Aidan grasped Nic’s arm, stopping him from getting up. His whisper in Nic’s ear was a strange mix of shyness and provocation. “You see, right now, I know what I’d want to ask for.”


“For New Year.” Aidan’s voice was deep and ragged. “For any time.” His hand slid across Nic’s torso, the strong palm tracing its way across Nic’s ribs, his fingers catching at the nipple. It tightened on contact, the bud swelling instinctively.

“Fuck,” Nic breathed, his cock thickening again like it had a greedy will of its own and it wasn’t being held back by minor details like previous sexual exhaustion.

“You guessed right.” Aidan laughed. “But then, I’ve always maintained what a very smart man you are, Nic Gerrard.”

Meet Nic and Aidan in the original novel at Dreamspinner Press.
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