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Chrissy Munder (chrissymunder) and I have launched a regular blog chat between ourselves, around the 3rd Wed of each month - with a special welcome for you to join in :).

Here's the introductory post, to see what it's all about. Fun, friendship and free thought, is how I'd describe it :).

Here are handy links to the posts if you'd like to see
"Previously, on Clare and Chrissy..."

* Inspiration v. Perspiration.
* MySpace v Facebook? Reports of my death are exaggerated....
* OMG, I'm Published: What Now?.
* Time to Give Thanks....
* Christmas Crackers and That Perfect Gift.
* The Kitchen Drawer.
* The Missing Link - the Demise of the Retail Bookstore?.
* How Authors Read.
* Clearing out an Author's Closet!.
* Are We There Yet?.
* Looking back with Hindsight.
* Digging in our Heels.
* A Rose By Any Other Name.
* Reflections on Romance.
* Location, Location, Location!
* Let's examine our habits.
* Reading and writing - in or out of season?.
* Where we try to turn back time....
* Turning up the heat in writing - a good or bad idea?.
* How to cope with a disappointed reader.
* There's an App for that!.
* People-watching for fun and story ideas.
* Don't Blacklist the Backlist!.

And here are some of the other topics we're thinking of batting back and forth:
** Chrissy’s living room couch, and the Clares who love it
** Writing: What do we tell the kids?
** Kid people vs. Pet people

Follow either of our journals to read and/or join in. And we'll be offering free downloads and bags of swag goodies for people who drop by.

Look forward to seeing you!
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