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What a week...

My menfolk are away on a walking/climbing Road Trip of the UK, and while I miss them, I've also been looking forward (selfishly) to time on my own, at least in the evenings. It's a rare occurrence. I've got a long list of jobs to do around the house, plus plenty of WIP to work on. *cracks knuckles*

Well, guess how it's gone so far?!

Monday and Tuesday I had a rare visit from a family member. It was a great chance to spend some one-on-one time with him after many years, but of course it did mean there was someone else in the house to attend to.

Wednesday, a call came at 10.30pm from the AA (breakdown service, nothing to do with alcohol LOL) trying to track down Hubby, who'd put out a distress call to them, having apparently locked the car keys in the car boot on some camp site in the Lake District - 100s of miles from home, and in an area with no mobile phone coverage! AA-Guy didn't realise at first I wasn't *with* the Intrepid Travellers, and kept ringing back, so that made for an interesting evening. And a late, 1 a.m. phone call from Hubby, assuring me they were all ok. And, BTW, waking me up :).

Thursday, a nagging pain in my arm all day developed to such an extent I walked around all evening like a zombie on heavy painkillers, and couldn't sleep more than an hour at a stretch.

This morning, I went to the doctor's and the hospital for a walk-in X-ray, and it seems I have a frozen shoulder (sympathy shout-out to alex_beecroft!). I can't drive, I couldn't get into work, keyboard work is patchy, and I'm ZombieQuadrupled with even heavier painkillers.

Tomorrow I have to dose myself up to get my hair cut, then to drive sufficiently well get my Mum to church and stay for dinner. What a crock I feel!

Then maybe ease myself back into the writing mode?! I'm missing it, but painkillers + pain + lack of sleep don't much = productivity, not in my book *sigh*.

So excuse any odd tone to my posting, I blame the drugs :). And I will get back online to my email soon, because there are lots of people I'm looking forward to chatting to, just haven't felt up to it for a couple of days. At least I'm catching up on my reading and my DVD-watching!

Have a good weekend!
Tags: family, health, low
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