March 26th, 2015


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LIMBO has achieved the cheeky, shiny silver star at All Romance Ebooks as a bestseller Are Best Seller.
Are you in the mood for some sexy, angsty angel/demon action?! :)

One wet, freezing night, a beautiful angel and a monstrous demon seek each other’s secret company. Yoshiel and Labal would never be allowed to meet on normal terms, but they’re desperate: they’re both trapped in the human world, and have had a horrific penalty extracted from them by their masters. Only they know what they’ve done to deserve punishment, and only they can appreciate just how ironic and cruel that punishment is. Will they be left to suffer forever in this strange limbo state, or is it a test to see how they may learn from each other? Their forbidden meeting will either prove their undoing – or their release.

Erotica / Fantasy / short story

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