March 13th, 2015


Don't Stay in School video - my thoughts

This made such an impact on me when I first saw it. All my family for the last 3 generations has been in education - I broke the mould! - and this is a common topic I feel strongly about, especially since I've brought up my own children. Whether you like the video or not, I think the ideas it raises are valid. We need more teaching of life skills in general, whether it comes from school, the home, and/or a combination of both.

I spent a few hours at a local secondary school this week, chatting to year 9 girls (12-13 yo) about career choices from my experience as an accountant. Lots of people contributed and I hope the girls came away with some useful information. But I'd say the best group I chatted with raised the question - what would *I* put into a modern curricululm that I felt wasn't covered at present? And so I raised some of the issues in this video, particularly financial matters, which a LOT of adult, intelligent and mature people still struggle with. And the girls had really good input to it.

There are all kinds of subsidiary issues here - the role of the family, educational resources, money, guidance, the effect on academic measurement, possible resistance from children's attitudes towards adults etc etc. I appreciate them all and don't expect a slick solution. But I was a slightly timid and confused young adult when I emerged out into the workplace, and I've always hoped to build up my children's confidence and knowledge so they don't go through as much angst and awkwardness as I feel I did.

Gosh, rather too much passion, eh?! LOL ♥