March 6th, 2015


DISCOUNTS at SMASHWORDS - the last couple of days...

Don't forget - Smashwords are still running their Ebook week, with discounts on many books between 20% and 100%. You can log into the site and Search by level of discount. too :)

It all ends SAT March 7 11:59 Pacific Time, so get shopping LOL. Here are my titles included in the promotion:

smashwords offer mar15

The first 2 of my titles in the WITH A KICK series are 50% off - A TWIST AND TWO BALLS and SLAP AND TICKLE, plus my other new release DEAR ALEX.

The erotic anthology BRIT BOYS: ON BOYS is 50% off.

My erotic vampire story OUT OF TIME is FREE for this limited time :).

And ALL my books through JMS Books are available at 50%-100% off HERE from my author page.


I'll just leave y'all to go off and BROWSE.....