December 5th, 2011

eye candy

Cover Art to cheer up your Monday morning

Well, this is exciting! Trace Edward Zaber's cover for my book Between a Rock and a Hard Place at Amber Allure, is in the last 25 of elisa_rolle's cover art contest.

One more round to vote in, then the final 10 will be the winners. I'm really excited it's done so well, though my covers at Amber have always been exquisite. I may be able to throw a few words together in a story, but I've never had any significant talent in art or design, so I'm always astounded and delighted at the cover art on show nowadays.

And so can you be! Drop around to Elisa's blog and cast your vote:

From Elisa: "In the final round there will be only 25 covers, 10 covers will be the finalists and winners of the cover contest.
- in parallel with the poll, a special jury will vote the covers; the jury is composed by: Debra, Dylan Rosser, Jack Mackenroth, Jesse Archer, Julie, Max Rhyser, Mitzie, Tammy.
- you can vote ONLY 3 covers, and you have to pick 3 covers for your vote to be valid. You have to leave a comment on this post, stating your 3 choices. As soon as your vote is recorded I will screen the comment, so don't worry, it will be more or less anonymous. You can vote/comment only 1 time.

All the 25 covers are HERE."

Believe me, they're *all* gorgeous. Enjoy the sights and vote if you feel so inclined!


Here goes for another Birthday Blog Month in January!

Well, inspired by the Fabulous time I had last January - and the one before that, LOL ...

(which you can check out HERE to see how it all went).

January is my birthday month and also the start of the New Year (obviously). I'm looking forward to posting something every day in January: fiction, pictures, thoughts and opinions, jokes etc etc, to mark the occasion!

And I'd love you to JOIN ME!!

There's a list of free days on this post beneath the cut (always worryingly empty at the start), just comment to grab a day for yourself, to come and say hello. I'll keep a running Calendar of links for the month so people can nip back and forth to read and watch what we've produced.

Here's an updated version of the notes I posted before:

What the hell does 'joining you' mean?
Share whatever you like with us - what you're working on, fiction or art - what you're reading or watching - what's delighted you - what's annoyed or puzzled you - what's made your little heart beat faster - what or who you've been ogling.
And if I have spare days, I'll add some of my own stuff, or link to some (much better than mine) blogs.

Yeah, right. And what are the rules?
NONE!!! No pressure, no specific theme, no qualifications needed, no restrictions (apart from public decency and a civil tongue of course), no judgement, no minimum/maximum word count, just come and say hello in your way. Pimp your work, strut your stuff, offer a free read or a contest, pat yourself on the back. Stir up some constructive discussion, comment on things historical or topical, post a link, a pic, a line from a song, a snippet of fiction, a meme, an icon, a moan, a laugh.
(me and my lists...)

Um...Why should I?
It's an opportunity to have some fun, practice your LJ / promo skills, just have a chat with friends. And it'd be great to build something from my LJ Friends, just for the month.
And everyone who takes part will get entered in a draw for a free download of the WINTER WARMERS e-anthology, currently on sale with stories from me, Jo Myles, JL Merrow, Chrissy Munder and Lou Harper.

So how's this going to work?
Email your stuff to me a few days before your turn, text in Word format (or equivalent) and pictures as jpeg. Then I'll post it on to the journal on The Day. I can add pictures or whatever you'd like. Drop back during the day - and hopefully afterwards too, to catch up with any comments.

OK, now starts the panic when I worry that no one will dip a toe in the water.
Please don't hold back if you're even slightly tempted LOL.
Comment here (or my email / to choose your date, or if you have questions or just need me to turn the puppy eyes on you and beg :).

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