November 3rd, 2011


Fabulous releases, Favourable words and FREE contest!

I'm thrilled that both of my stories in the Petit Morts series are now available individually, as well as part of the series bundle(s).


Oliver's been dumped by his date in the backstreets of London, where his Armani suit and a rich family background don't count for much.

Des is waiting tables to make ends meet, reconciled to the fact that all he attracts are lame ducks and lost causes.

Two different men, two very different worlds.

Then Des’s cheerful generosity meets Oliver’s lovelorn confusion over a cup of coffee and a bag of sinfully good chocolates...Enter Chance, working at the Cafe Mystique under the looming presence of the London Eye, searching as always for The One, matchmaking with his own brand of sensual, sweet and shocking magic.

What follows is a mix of providence, passion and good old British pounds. After all, everyone should give credit where credit’s due.

MEDIA NARANJA (written with Jordan Castillo Price) HERE

Love is not for the faint of heart. Mild-mannered Trevor accompanies his Gran Elsie on holiday at a luxury resort in Majorca, hoping for some rest and relaxation under the dazzling Spanish sun. But they didn’t count on arriving in the middle of Flamenco Week. Instead of massages and siestas, they find noisy builders and tacky theme parties.

Trevor has a choice to make: put up, or shut up—and finding the nerve to complain to the staff, the mysterious Chance and imperturbable Hunter, is far from easy. But the impromptu assertiveness training comes in handy when he catches the eye of the manager’s son, Alejo.

There’s someone for everyone—even Trevor—providing he finds the courage to stand up for what he wants.


There's been a great and enthusiastic response to the series and, I'm pleased to find, to my own contribution. The series will be featured at Brief Encounters Reviews next week, and the stories are also being reviewed in sequence at Reviews by Jessewave.

Here's the glowing review of London Eye:

EXCERPT; London Eye is delightful and fun and the paranormal element was present throughout the story as Chance lived up to his billing. This story fitted into the series as if Clare London had been writing Petit Morts from the very beginning. It’s a pity that this will be her only contribution because the atmosphere was quite eerie and the plot was as unpredictable as I have come to expect.


And here's the chance to win a FREE COPY!

Both titles will be featured this month at the fabulous blog Stumbling Over Chaos, starting with London Eye today TODAY!. Just make a comment on the Stumbling Over Chaos Blog post before Nov 14, and you'll be entered in the draw to win :).


What about a (non-Olympic) trip to 2012 UK?

Nicked from charliecochrane today:

"Specifically, what would tempt you to attend an authors / publishers / whatever event. Tips for wannabee authors? Chances to meet writers you like? Something totally different? Please let me know your thoughts."

Or feel free to drop into the Goodreads thread HERE where josephine_myles has started up the question:

"What do readers look for in an event?"

We're starting to plan for the 2012 UK Meet, and while it may be on a more modest scale than GayRomLit or RWA (!), that doesn't mean it can't be as good - or better! - in its own way. It'd be great to see even more attendees this year - and it's all for YOU.

Drop in any or all of these places if you have some thoughts or suggestions or queries :).