October 7th, 2011


Remember the heady days of school meals ...?

Anyone who knows me, knows culinary skills are not in my portfolio. I have 4 signature dishes and they all involve mince. Oh well, except for pork chop and chips, which always delights the Sons on a Monday night and horrifies the Hubby as he searches for other critical food groups under the (more) chips.

But this lovely post over at chrissymunder's journal today brought back all kinds of great memories about school meals and my favourite dishes - despite more shocking memories of lumpy mashed potato, soggy carrots, sperm-like semolina pudding and that strange pale green coloured blancmange-like Dessert-With-No-Name (was I just unlucky at school?! *g*).

Apple Crisp - Recipe heaven - go on, add your memories too, you know you want to revisit those heady days!


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