October 3rd, 2011


The definition of irony ...?

I may have made brief mention of my frustration with the new WOW!ZAP! Yahoo Mail *cough*. To the extent I resisted upgrading for weeks, in fact I made a big Luddite fuss to them about changing back.

However, the only changing back option was to the old Classic version, losing *all* the improvements from the New, even the ones I quite liked :). But my pride prevailed and I stuck with Classic for a couple of weeks. Then, last week I caved and upgraded after all. I've been conditioned to need Tabs for my mail *lol*, plus I finally mastered the Chat facility so I can natter to chrissymunder over lunch time :).

I also moaned to my poor long-suffering Friends List at the end of last week when this fab new Yahoo Mail suddenly stopped me from sending email. I've sent them 4 emails over the weekend, getting no reply beyond the generic "are you emailing 9m people at once? are you including spam URLs in your email? are you an enemy of the state?" type of help response.

Reading the user forums today, it looks like this problem is Yahoo-wide, affecting many users and admitted by Yahoo to be their fault, and one presumably they're "looking into". One of the users suggested switching back to Classic and the problem ceases.

And you know what? It does! LMAO

That, my dears, is what you call IRONY :).