September 22nd, 2011


One of those days...

It it so very sad that the highlight of my evening was catching the new Two and a Half Men episode with Ashton Kutcher stripping off?! LMAO *sigh*

It had been one of those days...

I spent another hour yesterday trying to send promo stuff to New Orleans in advance of GayRomLit, repackaging, re-ordering, speaking through gritted teeth to Fedex, grasping with joy the helpful lady at the local Post Office when I finally got it sorted. This exercise has been going on all week. Remind me never to do this again, it's bad for both my stress levels and my bank balance :).

Then another half hour with two highstreet banks, neither of which will open me up a USD bank account on any reasonable terms for my putative business, self-publishing some shorts at Amazon.
Selected soundbites:
"We don't offer personal currency accounts any more, only to businesses." And from the look in his eye, I didn't come under that category.
"Of course we'll be able to open whatever account you like, it'll be subject to the usual fee of £100, and no, I doubt you'll be able to raise cheques on you want to take my contact card as you leave?"

Then a snappy email into the pit that is called Amazon "are you sure you can't find a relevant FAQ?" Customer Service, about why won't deal with a GBP bank account, when there must be many UK authors whose market is largely in the US, who want to use Kindle publishing, but who only have GBP bank facilities (see previous rant).

Then a purchase arrived from the US of DVD storage folders which I ordered on behalf of a friend - who couldn't find what she wanted anywhere in the UK - and Customs had slapped a further £60 charge on it. And that's after 2 loads of US-->UK shipping. *sheesh*

Oh, and someone dropped the small teapot on the kitchen floor last night, there's a spatter of broewn liquid and tea leaves all over the lino and up the side of the cupboards, and may I ask who's accepting responsibility? The Invisible Man????

*rolls eyes*

Fall - Where we Live

The lovely bloggers from Not Your Usual Suspects have posted some gorgeous pictures today of Fall, from wherever and whenever they are on the globe. Prepare for surprise and enchantment!

And look, I'm posting from autumnal Surrey :).

Come and join us.

Enjoy the sights - but it'd also be great to hear what Fall is like where YOU live, what you love about it or maybe what you *don't* like, and what you hope for in Falls to come :).


Banking moan part #2...

UPDATE: Things are even worse than they seemed on the bank front. Further info from Amazon clarifies that it's not that I have to have a bank account in USD to receive royalties from, it's that I have to have one in the USA. That's not likely to be allowed, is it, my US-friends? I'd imagine you have to be a US resident to get an account at a US bank.

So the only other option is for me to get royalties by way of a USD cheque. That then has to travel through the mail to the UK, be trudged down to my local bank, then some obscene percentage of it to be sliced off in charges as they convert it to sterling...

Yes, I know I'm exaggerating :). But just how difficult do they want to make global business? I get so angry when in the next email, Amazon are exhorting me to self-pub with Kindle. *They're* the ones making it so damn difficult - and possibly unprofitable - for me to do so. What's wrong with using Paypal? Or making bank transfers across continents? I do it at work all the time.

All of this, of course, is assuming I have the chutzpah, time and energy to publish something myself, and then *sell* any copies so that royalties even come into the picture LOL.

*parks the issue for the time being*

/end ranting for the day.