September 16th, 2011


Call me Ms. Luddite ...

I am Living Proof of the angst and drama caused by Unnecessary Change (and also, probably, Too Many Capitals...).

Remember the Recent post in our monthly Clare & Chrissy blog, on Digging in our Heels?

Change = Better? Dear me, no!

I've been struggling with the New!Improved!Wow! Yahoo Mail. I mean, I was perfectly happy with the old. Now I've lost my useful calendar scrollbar at the bottom of my daily mail screen, lost my ability to email a Chat conversation to myself so I can save useful links, etc...

Anyway, I fired up my Grumpy Old Blogger persona and asked them to switch me back. Dang me, they agreed. Mind you, it's put me right back to Classic version, so I've still lost all those functions I found so useful in the intermediary stage, but at least I can find my way around without Interfaces and Multi-formats and squidgy little bits of grinning text that invite me to link with every other b****r on the planet.

Heavens, I can send an email. There's quaint for you.

What's more, suddenly SIXTY emails appeared in my Spam folder that weren't there before! Weeding out the Giant Penis and You Have Won Millions and I See You Online You Are Cute ones, I found several emails that should have got through. In fact, I had some trouble with an advertising copy earlier this week, where random emails in our correspondence went missing. Now I know where they were! in my New! Improved!Wow! email black hole.

Anyway ... *calms down*

Now all I need is someone to explain - and very simply, for my brain - why I should need a Facebook Fan Page, when I already have a Personal Page that's devoted to Me, The Author. Or - even better - if someone could tell me definitively I *don't* need one, and I can stop feeling guilty when other people suggest it! LOL.

On my sickbed this week, have been hit by the flu or something, full of migraine and sinus pain and ragdoll limbs. And it takes me 3 tries to type anything because I get the letters wrong first time *g*.

But hey, I can catch up with my blogging!