September 5th, 2011


Unusually chatty post from me ...

I had the loveliest anniversary weekend...

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I may keep him on for another 28 years ^____^.

It all makes me very thoughtful about 2011, which is racing on at a cracking pace. Anyone else think it's moving faster than last year, or am I getting old??? (on second thoughts, don't answer that ...)

It's been a hectic year, with work, family and writing. And I'm not always sure what - or whether enough - gets achieved to justify all the stress :).

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In writing... Well, where to start? Do visitors to my LJ really want to hear what's going on in my tortured, flaky, tumultuous author's brain?! LOL

I haven't shared a lot of WIP on LJ over the last couple of years. Partly because I'm never happy with it until the last damn minute! but also because I'm paranoid-ish about my ideas appearing somewhere else from another author who writes faster than I do. There you are, honest enough for you?! LOL I'm not talking plagiarism, just being overtaken *sigh*. But I do enjoy posting fiction here for fun, so I may share some more soon.

And Lord knows, I need some support and backside-kicking! I don't know where writing time went this year, but it didn't come calling at my door very often. Excuses, I know. I've been very pleased with my shorter work this year - Just-You Eyes at Dreamspinner Press, and my shorts in both Tea and Crumpet and British Flash.

And exciting news ... one of my stories is joining Jordan Castillo Price's latest Petit Morts series, due out later this year, hopefully Oct.

In LONDON EYE, the mystical chocolatier Chance comes to London with his own special blend of spice, sweetness and sharp shock :). More news on that SOON. I'm an excited mix of proud anticipation and JCP fangirl hysteria :):).

Other publishing news? Some of my shorts are coming up for renewal at various publishers and I'm drawing them back in to re-publish myself. It's only a modest venture, I'm not planing to run my own publisher, even for my own books :). But it's an adventure I'd like to try!

Enough of me for today? Thanks for listening (or skimming over, whatever, it's fine)