August 17th, 2011



This month Chrissy and I are ONE YEAR OLD!

Well, our ChatBlog is :). Who'd have thought it, when we first stepped off that "let's try a monthly blog" step into thin air, that we'd still be happily chatting to you a year on!

Well, I'm sure *we* would, because we never tire of things to talk about among ourselves LOL, but it's especially delightful that other people have enjoyed it and chatted back to us.

So help us celebrate the occasion, join in the chat and/or get all that angst off your chest - and be entered for FREE GIFTS!

This month's discussion is about CHANGE...particularly in the ever-topical world of social media :).

So how do you view change in our online world? Do you have whiplash from trying to keep up with the latest and greatest? Do you feel burnt-out, and sometimes just wish the world would slow down and let things be or are you ahead of the pack when it comes to the new and improved? Which of the quotes above best express your feelings when it comes to change?

Come on over and say your piece!

pic copyright: Laurel and Hardy (obviously) and whoever owns that movie, I'm on the quest to find out...