August 11th, 2011


Robots in Disguise ...

We went to see the Transformers #3 film last night as a cheer-up after this last week in London. What can I say, except I'm in love?

Optimus Prime, I know there can never be anything between us except a platonic love. I mean, I'm very happily and monogomously married, and you ... well, you're mecha. But that voice, that gleaming paintwork, that kickass badness (at last! at last! I've waited 3 films for you to break out from your compassionate leadership and smack Megatron down!). Yes, Josh Duchamel was hot in his uniform, but who can compare to your glowing axe???

I have to say the movie - for me - was a load of old tosh, which was really disappointing after my family's been such a fan of the franchise so far. It didn't seem to know whether it was comedy, heroic drama, armageddon-horror or just a way to showcase Rose H-W's too-skinny body *heh*. There were half a dozen plot threads on the go, none of which settled happily.

But it was all worth it for the final battle :).