July 31st, 2011


The Net is out to get me ...

Well what a night. My website appears to have been frozen, without any notification to me. I'd done some work on it this weekend, including putting up my talk on online marketing, but I can't get into it at all now. No idea why, I'm just waiting for a reply to my frenzied query email to the host.

This is all punishment for me presuming to talk about "keeping an up-to-date website" at the UK Meet last weekend, isn't it? Divine retribution for getting above myself??

It's just horrible to realise how much I'm under someone else's control.

Fingers crossed I get an answer soon and can sort whatever it is out.

That, plus a bad cold and the loss of my voice, and Son#2 playing Super Mario Kart at top volume in the other room - well, I'm giving up on it all :(.