July 29th, 2011


*TAP TAP* the mike, are we back on?

I haven't even tried Live Journal for the last week, it's been very disheartening. I've almost forgotten how to post LOL. Hope I've kept up with enough news under my own steam! :)

Rather more worrying, I can't get recent LJ posts backed up as an LJ Book, as per usual, because that site keeps crashing me out too *sigh*. I think I'll be looking at a more reliable blog in the future.


I'm chatting over at Love Romances Cafe TODAY at 3PM EST / 8PM GMT today, with my marvellous fellow authors from the blog Not Your Usual Suspects.

We're there for a couple of hours, chatting gaily about fiction and whether you have to suspend disbelief when you're watching a mystery / crime / romantic suspense movie or reading a book, when the hero leaps unaided from a helicopter or the heroine finds that critical bloodstained clue that every single policeman has so far overlooked...

Well, come and chat for fun if you have the time! And we'll be giving away some free downloads too.