April 27th, 2011


JUST-YOU EYES has cover art

Available for discounted pre-order NOW as part of the Dreamspinner Press Daily Dose in June,

or after June 1 as an individual novella purchase.

Elliot didn’t know that offering to help his sister get over her broken love affair would mean attending a speed-dating evening at the local hotel in their quaint English town. Obviously, as a gay man, he’s not the target group, and there’s nothing for him there except cheap wine and uncomfortable chairs. But when hotel manager Alexsy sits down opposite him and offers an evening of a very different kind than Elliot expected, Elliot’s tempted to try something for the very first time in his life—the tantalizing adventure of a one-night stand.

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I just wanted to share the cover with you all LOL! It's a story I loved writing and really hope readers love it too :).