March 21st, 2011



Today at Brief Encounters Reviews begins a Feature Fortnight of British m/m Authors.

"We have been lucky to have eleven very talented folk from the UK join us for our special fortnight (two weeks for those of us on the other side of the pond). As per the schedule below, each day an author is featured we will have an interview (of sorts) and a review of one of their short stories. I hope everyone will stop by and say hi, get to know some new authors perhaps or get to know some favourites a bit better. You guys know me, always asking those hard-hitting questions like what kind of shifter you’d like to be. This is equally exciting.

Also be sure to enter for one of the multitude of free books the authors are offering. We are spoiled for choice there. And don’t you love my author cloud? Jen and I are the centre of the universe."

Come and join the talented and fun team at Brief Encounters Reviews and find out about some of the authors who may hopefully already be among your favourites - or will soon be there :). And I'm there at the end of the month (when it's likely you'll all be author-ed out *g*).

The schedule is listed below, and the list of GIVEAWAYS HERE.

Feel free to drop in any and every day :).

Monday, March 21 – Fabian Black
Tuesday, March 22 – Anne Brooke
Wednesday, March 23 – Sue Brown
Thursday, March 24 – Kate Cotoner
Friday, March 25 – Kim Dare
Saturday, March 26 – Chris Quinton
Sunday, March 27 – Sunday Funday
Monday, March 28 – Alex Draven
Tuesday, March 29 – Mara Ismine
Wednesday, March 30 – Clare London
Thursday, March 31 – JL Merrow
Friday, April 1 – Josephine Myles
Saturday, April 2 – A fond farewell


Thanks for the chat...

Hi and many thanks to anyone who turned up for yesterday's live chat at Goodreads! Exhausting and fast-moving, my fingertips are still humming from the speedy typing *lol*.

It's not a format I feel most comfortable with - the equivalent of being out in a crowded bar with a large group of friends who are constantly coming and going, but *without* the benefit of frozen margaritas - but it was fun! :)

At one stage I offered a free download to someone who dropped in (though I think that got swallowed up too quickly in the passing chat *g*) but if anyone *did* catch it, the winner is Lena Grey. Just email me or message me through LJ or GR, Lena, and let me know which title you'd like.

And now the week at work ahead of me seems very sedate in comparison LOL.



Here's some interesting news!

One of the distributors of JMS Books is Wowio.

Says JM Snyder of JMS Books: "They don't have very many sales because they are still growing, but their sales structure is a little different from anyone else we work with.

If you visit our publisher page at Wowio ~ ~ you will see that the majority of our titles are listed as free. This is a promotion Wowio is currently running. Though the titles appear as free and can be downloaded by anyone at no charge, we still get paid for the downloads.

How does this work?

Simple ~ Wowio sells advertising space in the e-books they distribute. Currently the adult entertainment company Adam & Eve is participating as a sponsor of the site. This means the sponsor selected certain categories of books to sponsor (in this case, romance, erotica, and gay & lesbian titles). All books in those categories are listed as free for the duration of the ad campaign. The sponsor inserts ads into the e-books (at the beginning and the end, NOT in the book's interior or content). Everyone who downloads a title during the campaign FROM WOWIO ONLY will see that ad. The sponsor then pays the publisher per copy purchased.

So we still get paid, customers get "free" books, and all's well that ends well."


Not all JMS Books are in the promotion, but if you follow the bolded WOWIO link above you'll find my book Threadbare, if you're interested in getting a copy on these terms.

And even if you don't want Threadbare - I'm not offended! *g* - you may find another title you like.
NOTE: the offer seems to run for just one download, I assume that's per customer account.