March 12th, 2011



I'm over at Desert Island Keepers this week, blogging aimlessly as the sun goes to my head *lol*.

Today's post is on Tipping the Hat to Mr. Choice ... the Hat represents the different genres of book, both in reading and writing: the Mr. Choice is a nod to how much fun we have nowadays with having the *choice*! LOL
not a nod to tipping that hat off the poor sunbather's bottom half...

Come on over, share a Margarita with me and say Hi. I'm appearing for Three Nights Only! (well, days, that is, last day Saturday...)



I've come to the end of my sojourn over at Desert Island Keepers this week. They made me give back the complimentary margaritas (ok, so they weren't really complimentary, but I never read the small print), somehow discovered that cute waiter boy folded up in my luggage (someone ratted on me, nothing to do with his whining from my toothbrush digging into his kidneys), and they sent me on my way *lol*.

Today's final post is on Freedom or Frustration? ... Ace, the hero of my paranormal novella The Tourist is a ghost and believes that means he has the freedom to go and do exactly what he likes. But would we actually welcome that freedom - or would we instead find ourselves rather lonely and rootless, like Ace?

Well, it's been fun, goodbye to DIK and thanks for all the fish Margaritas :).