March 10th, 2011


GOODREADS / clare's question of the week!

So, I'm still sitting over at Goodreads ready for any questions or discussions you want to throw at me.

And I'm setting up a weekly giveaway to try and tempt you in :). All you have to do in return is comment and help me write my current WIP...

*am a lazy cow or what?* *LOL*


Hi all! Things have gone quiet on the Author Thread at Goodreads, and even though I welcomed the break to finish a novella for a recent submission call - keep your fingers crossed for me! - I'm looking forward to chatting again.

I'm setting a couple of questions for this week, and anyone who comments is in the draw for a *free download* of one of my books. What's more I'll do this again on the next two Thursdays in March.

I'll announce the winners each time on the following Thursday. Simple, eh?

And those who've already commented? You'll be entered automatically

Today's question???? I'm struggling with names for my heroes in my current WIP which has 4 main, male characters. Bearing in mind I don't really like too-unusual names, especially as this is set in England and we're not very adventurous with our names over here :). Any ideas?

I'd love to hear how you feel about *your* heroes' names. Do you think there are definite "generation" names that sound weird today? Do you like or hate the fanciful fantasy names that some of us can't pronounce off the page? Do some names ally themselves in your mind too closely with people you love or hate? Or are some of them too similar between books? How do *you* feel about the main characters having the same initial, something *I* always struggle with?

Well, gosh, that's a *lot* of questions :).

Feel free to chat on any bit you like LOL.