March 2nd, 2011



I'm a peripheral user of Goodreads at the moment and still finding my way around. But this could be my month LOL.

If you're a member of the M/M Romance Group - or thinking of joining up - I'm the Featured Author this month. Come and chat with me HERE.

Please *g*. I have visions of getting to the end of the month with 2 comments only, one from the Mod and one from me, grinning cheesily for my official photograph-kind of thing.

There's also an open chat about new release The Tourist at one of their Book of the Month discussions. I would *love* to hear your opinions and reactions to it. It's created a mixed ripple in the buying community LOL.

As any author knows, we *love* to talk about our books. And as a reader, I also know the many times I've wanted to ask the author - but hang on a minute, what happened to...? Am I reading that last part right, you meant...? Do you know how you made me feel when you wrote them doing ...? etc.

There's an open Chat forum later in the month too, but I'll let you know that another time. Too Much Info on one day, otherwise :):).

So I'll be dropping in daily at GR to chat with you if you have any questions for me (as outrageous and honest as you like, so long as you're civil) or thoughts about my books or characters you'd like to share.

And many thanks to the GR Group for inviting me!


The reason I'm splattered all over Blog-land this month is not so much due to any personal popularity, but a total lack of proper scheduling *rolls eyes*. And me, purportedly a woman of spreadsheets.

Please feel free to say hello in the places you like and frequent the most - but I don't expect anyone to be *everywhere*.

All this is a lead-in to my spot on the Carina Press Blog today, with my post about THE TOURIST and seeing a ghost LOL.

And I just got another great review for The Tourist at Talking Two Lips.

Tina says (excerpt):
This book contains enough hot male-on-male sex to keep you reading, but it is the characters and their personalities that kept me turning pages. Seeing each character from the other person’s point of view was a really original way to write this story. I would love to read more about the tourist, and maybe he can find his own love one day too.