February 28th, 2011



Made a deadline just in time. I posted my contribution this year to the picfor1000 challenge with hours to spare :).

The entries are rolling in now, on the actual day of the deadline, it looks like there are plenty of contributors in the same position as I am LOL.

All entries were written to a picture prompt (mine as above), all must be exactly 1,000 words, many of them are fandom-based. It's a great source of new fiction you can dip into over a lunchtime :).

If you want a rather creepy little m/m read, one of my "dark fics" as chrissymunder calls them - and hey now, this is my chance to write something outside the HEA box, right? - it's over HERE, called NOT WORTH THE MONEY.

My belly clenches at the mix of shock and anger. Luc hadn’t left a note, hadn’t hinted he was unhappy. He just … went. Apparently wearing just the clothes he stood up in, leaving everything else behind. It’s odd not to take your toothbrush or your favourite CD..