February 25th, 2011



A great review for The Tourist today at Jessewave's, by Jenre.

(also posted on Jenre's own blog Well Read).

The initial premise is unusual, and I liked how Ace’s background and past is interwoven with the story, so that he becomes a real ‘person’ to the reader. I also liked that Dan and Ricky’s points of view are both shown and that the problems between them were realistic. Ace is shown at the beginning to be a ‘good time boy’, and I liked that his assumptions based on looks and body shape were thrown out the longer he spent time in the men’s bodies. Many of the problems in the relationship are caused by lack of self-esteem or even self hatred, showing how much the men are lying to each other and themselves. It was interesting to see this all unravel with a little prodding from Ace.

Most of the action in the story is internal as we follow the thoughts of the men and their awkward interactions with each other, but that then leads to a period of high drama and tension which worked well to lift the story from just internal angst. The plotting is swift and packed with emotion. Above all there is Clare London’s marvellous prose which is intelligent as well as expressive.

Author note: I haven't been keeping up to date with reviews, or acknowledging here my thanks for the work done by reviewers. It still feels awkward to me to boast publicly about them, but I *am* thrilled, every time someone even mentions a book of mine, even if it's not always complimentary or easy to read LOL.

Maybe I'll find some way of posting thanks for reviews, without blathering on to you all about it, all the time. If I get that many, that is *wink*.

And yet again, many thanks to all readers, reviewers, friends and supporters. All the time ♥.