February 13th, 2011



Hey, I know (in case anyone else remembered), I forgot to post the winner of the FREE DOWNLOAD after January's Blog Month.

Forgive me, things have been a bit hectic :).

Chosen at random by the powers of Son#2 and a mixing bowl full of numbered bits of paper LOL, the winner is:

Cornelia Grey

Please email me through a Live Journal message or direct to clarelondon11 AT Yahoo DOT co DOT uk, with your preferred e-format and I'll send it to you.

And if any of you would like to get a taste of what it's all about (!) here are a couple of recent reviews:

At Jessewave's:

EXCERPT from Feliz's review: I’m not even sure I’d label it as romance at all, although it was sure the story of a deep, lasting and all-consuming love. In fact, putting a label to this story gave me a hard time; “gay themed romantic literary fiction” comes closest, I guess. “Threadbare” reminded me of some works by Romantics I read back in school , Novalis, for example, or the young Goethe – a tragic, fated love, very sad, very mysterious, bizarre and yet so beautiful.

Don’t expect a “normal” historical m/m romance, for this “Threadbare” is not. Although I must admit I didn’t particularly like this story in itself, I must also clearly take off my hat to the author’s poetic, skillful writing and to her courage in setting about to publish such a story.

At Queer Magazine Online.

EXCERPT from Lena's review: Clare London weaves 'Threadbare' with a beauty and gracefulness befitting Edward and Mori's love story. Although full of angst, there are also some amazingly passionate, emotional and physical portrayals of love and devotion which frequently brought tears to my eyes. There is an unexpected, almost unfathomable, twist to this story, one which had me contemplating the enigmas of life.

‘Threadbare' is not your ordinary love story by any means. It pushes the envelope on the subject of love and passion versus honor and responsibility. Is the experience of love worth the pain that inevitably accompanies it? Or is it better to avoid the love in order to not feel the pain? Personally, I believe that the experience of being loved far outweighs the pain. What do you think?


And BTW, many MANY thanks for the messages of support from everyone on my recent meltdown :(.