February 12th, 2011



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BLURB: Jonathon Pfister’s life has settled into a maudlin existence since the death of Greg, his lover of seventeen years. But Greg’s daughter Jeana has decided she’s had enough, so she rents a small apartment in Vienna for him as a Father’s Day present. Jonathon agrees to go, against his better judgment.

Surprisingly, Jonathon finds the change of scenery refreshing, and he even makes a young friend in Hans, his landlady’s son. Then Hans’s older brother returns home, and Jonathon begins to truly awaken. Fabian touches something inside him, especially when the younger man takes it upon himself to woo Jonathon in full Viennese style, with a waltz. But shadows of the past and expectations for the future loom over them both and will have to be banished for their lovers’ dance to stay in step.


Okay, so I tried ... and failed

I didn't realise I'd got so far behind in life :(.

I took a break from surfing blogs after the Birthday Blog Month. I was really happy with how it all went, but I definitely felt Blogged Out *g*.

I hit the busiest time of the year at work, with the annual audit looming. 12-hour working days become the norm, plus the 2 hours travelling time, so I spend most evenings asleep or near as dammit!
I got the problem with my shoulder, plus some other rather wearisome (but not serious) health problems.
I decided I ought to find time to revamp parts of my website (yep, still raw about the criticism *rolls eyes at myself*).
And - rather horribly - I'm also struggling with total and all-consuming writer's block. Sitting here at the screen today with a nice quiet day to play with, and NOTHING'S happening :(.

So today I tried instead to catch up with the posts on LJ and elsewhere.


I gave up after an hour, and my throat closing in panic. Gawd, get a grip, Clare!

Just can't do it. I've slipped too far behind to read everything anyway. And maybe some of you have experienced the same strange feeling that's creeping over me - when things are stressed in your own life, everything seems to be going so much better for *everyone else*.

Please believe me, I'm THRILLED for everyone's success / good news / achievements / discoveries / courage / humour.... Just can't get to it all at the moment. It's my problem alone, friends!
(Although I'll confess that "WORD COUNT" - i.e. other people's - is rapidly becoming the most painful phrase in the world for me to read LMAO).

I feel really bad at missing birthdays, new releases, exciting news, friends' happy and sad times, reviews and rewards, excerpt days, blog topics... and I know in theory I'm just as interested, as encouraging, as fascinated, as grateful for friendship and sharing.

Just... may not be showing it enough publicly right now :).

Bear with me if you can, I'm sure I'll be back on course at some stage ♥.