January 23rd, 2011



THREADBARE, my paranormal historical short story, is released today :).

Buy it in ebook at JMS Books.

I'm very fond of this story and hope that readers like it in its new home. I released it a couple of years ago in Masquerade, an anthology of four of my fantasy stories. After the anthology finished its contract, I was thrilled that JMS Books accepted Threadbare for re-issue. And also another story from the anthology, Precious Possession, which will be released in March.

The idea for Threadbare came to me after watching a documentary about the Victorian textile industry in England. Then followed some research about mill workers and quality fabrics, especially silk. And then the characters, the modest, naive businessman Edward and the astonishingly beautiful but chillingly unusual Mori... and the story was born.

It's not traditional happy ever after, but a heady mix of love and passion and need. And maybe that touch of angst that we like sometimes in our reading. Or at least, I hope some people do! :)

It's in every darned format you could ever want, and it's at a special reduced price for a limited time!

I'm offering a free downlaod of this to one of the commenters on the Birthday Blog entries this month - so keep following :).

BLURB: When Edward inherits the family textile mill from his deceased parents, he knows where his duty lies. As a young Victorian gentleman, he devotes himself to the family business and doing right by his customers and employees. What concern is it that he surrenders his own artistic ambitions and romantic passions?

But a hideous accident at the mill one day brings him into close contact with Mori, one of his most productive workers, a beautiful yet seemingly delicate and vulnerable young man. Edward takes Mori under his protection, bringing him back to his house. At last, Edward has found a friend and companion. His fascination for Mori grows swiftly into love, and he’s drawn out of his quiet introspection into a world of delight and passion.

Yet Mori has a private task that both baffles and concerns Edward: the completion of a stunningly beautiful, abstract tapestry. Edward doesn’t understand its significance, Mori’s devotion to it, or Mori’s strange behaviour when Edward tries to part the man from his mission. Mori loves him in return, he’s sure – but can that ever be enough? As Edward is tangled more deeply and irretrievably into the web of Mori’s love and mystery, what bittersweet price might he have to pay?

Note: this was previously included in my anthology "Masquerade", which is no longer available.


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